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Welcome to -- One real damn manly site. Our aim is to provide the best content and information for real men. You won't find relationship or fashion advice here - we just don't give a damn about that stuff.


Regular sections:
Manly NewsManlyweb News - Check out our new news section! Who needs the New York Times when you've got us?
The DukeReal Men - Biographies of some of the greatest men in history, as decided on by us. From Chesty Puller to Vince Lombardi, from Red Adair to John Wayne.
A real man's football helmetSports - Bowl games, arena football, NHL history, and some other sports trivia we've compiled out of curiosity.
Nothing beats a good steakFood - Steak, buffalo wings, beer, and chili; we've got all four of the basic food groups covered.
Heavy Duty Equipment for all the big jobsEquipment - Motorcycles, tools, trucks and more...when we get around to it.
If you need to ask, you probably shouldn't be here.Women of... - If you can't figure this one out, go ask your daddy. But don't worry-there's nothing here that should get you fired (better luck next time)
The Guys Guide to VideosEntertainment - James Bond. Andy Sidaris. Coming soon--movie and book reviews...mainly because we get them for free to review.
Anti-Mall - We know, we know... What the hell is a shopping section doing on a site for guys? Well, we figure shopping online beats going to the mall...  About us - Just who are the drunks who write this crap? Find out here...

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