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  • Beer prices up at Oktoberfest
  • NFL implements new rules for balls
  • Polaris RMKs picked All-Star Sled for 2000
  • New Victory motorcycle will be unveiled online
  • Sam Adams earns awards worldwide
  • GM to offer composite beds for Chevy pickups
  • Harley introduces Twim Cam 88B engine
  • Sturgis officially begins
  • Mustang Ranch closes
  • Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson edition
  • Victory V92SC
  • Pictures of Harley-edition F-150
  • Feds to put new limits on trucker hours
  • Milwaukee saw earns award
  • Massachusetts college offers stripping class
  • Mack lawn mowers
  • Topless American muscle
  • Kirin to stop using gene-altered corn
  • Ford begins making low-emission pickups
  • Great American Trucking Show
  • John Deere unveils new large-track tractors
  • Home Depot to stop selling old-growth wood
  • Miss America Pageant eases swimsuit guidelines
  • J.B. Hunt replaces its cabovers
  • Ferrari 360 Modena
  • Drinking reduces risk of heart attacks in men
  • Ford Excursion preview
    Beer prices up at Oktoberfest
    Sunday, August 1
    Organizers of Munich's annual Oktoberfest celebration report that beer prices will be up around 3.5% this year. This brings the price to between $5.80 and $6.40 a quart. Oktoberfest is the largest public celebration in the world with visitors consuming around 5 millions liters of beer.
    NFL implements new rules for balls
    Monday, August 2
    The National Football League has instituted a new rule this year regarding the footballs used during games. Previously, game balls were sent to teams a few days early. Due to complaints that kickers were tampering with the balls, however, a special set of balls will be used for kicking and these will not be opened until game day.
    Polaris RMKs picked All-Star Sled for 2000
    Tuesday, August 3
    SnoWest Magazine has selected three Polaris snowmobiles as their "All Star Sled" for 2000. The Polaris RMK 600, 700, and 800 were selected jointly, due to a number of innovations.
    New Victory motorcycle will be unveiled online
    Tuesday, August 3
    Victory Motorcycles will broadcast the unveiling of their new V92SC Sportcruiser live on the internet. The event will be broadcast from an invitation-only ceremony at the Sturgis bike rally. The event will occur at 10:10 CDT on August 10. The address is
    Sam Adams earns awards worldwide
    Thursday, August 5
    Samual Adams beers, brewed by the Boston Beer Company has collected several awards in international competition this summer. At the Austrailian International Beer Awards in July, Sam Adams won more awards than any other brewery, including 'Best International Lager' and 'Best International Ale'. In June, Sam Adams won 'Best Ale' at the Helsinki Beer Festival, the only American tp win.
    GM to offer composite beds for Chevy pickups
    Friday, August 6
    General Motors announced that it will offer composite beds on full-size Silverado pickups beginning in the fall of 2000. The recyclable bed has a total weight that is 50 pounds less than a steel bed, with 15 pounds removed from the tailgate. GM has completed two years of testing the beds in harsh environments and claims the composite bed is very durable and easy to repair.
    Harley introduces Twim Cam 88B engine
    Harley-Davidson is introducing the new Twin Cam 88B to power softtails in the 2000 model year. The 1450cc, air-cooled engine shares many similarities with its predecessor, the Twin Cam 88. What's new is the counter-rotating balancers that greatly reduce vibration allowing for greater comfort in long-distance riding.
    Sturgis officially begins
    Monday, August 9
    The 59th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & Races officially begins today. Events today include demos by Harley-Davidson, Excelsior-Henderson, and Victory; American Iron Race at 6 PM; unveiling of the new Excelsior-Henderson at 7 PM; and a Sammy Hagar Concert at 8 PM.
    Mustang Ranch closes
    Tuesday, August 10
    The famed Mustang Ranch bordello outside Reno, Nevada has been closed. The brothel was ordered closed by a court-order following years of tax problems and scandals involving government officials and judges.
    Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition
    Tuesday, August 10
    Ford unveiled a limited-edition Harley-Davidson F-150 pickup truck at the Sturgis Rally & Races. The truck is a 4x2 SuperCab with the 5.4-liter V-8, flareside box, and tonneau cover. The truck is painted black with orange pinstriping and chrome accessories, and features 20-inch aluminum wheels. Special Harley accessories include black leather seats, "spun metal" instrument cluster and a specially tuned muffler with 3 1/2-inch slash cuts.
    Victory V92SC
    Wednesday, August 11
    Victory Motorcycles unveiled their new V92SC last night at Sturgis. The new bike is labelled a SportCruiser and features 50mm Marzocchi front forks and a 1507cc engine.
    Pictures of Harley-edition F-150
    Friday, August 13 has pictures of the new Harley-Davidson Edition Ford F-150. The 4x2 SuperCab truck features a black, orange, and chrome look, and the first-ever 20-inch wheels on a factory Ford pickup.
    Feds to put new limits on trucker hours
    Tuesday, August 17
    The Federal Highway Administration is preparing to put new limits on the number of hours truckers can drive in a day. The new proposal may require drivers to be off-duty for 14 hours in a 24-hour period. This would be an increase from the currently required 8-hour break after 10 hours driving.
    Milwaukee saw earns award
    Wednesday, August 18
    The Milwaukee Tilt-Lok Circular Saw has earned the Governor's New Product Award by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers. The saw's eight-position handle was a major factor in the award.
    Massachusetts college offers stripping class
    Wednesday, August 18
    Mount Holyoke College, an all-womens school in South Hadley, Massachusetts, offers a course in striptease. The class is taught by Russian Literature professor Susan Scotto who worked as a stripper while attending the University of California at Berkeley. Sixty-five student took the course last year and Scotto is planning on teaching it again.
    Mack lawn mowers
    Friday, August 20
    Mack Trucks, Inc. will be offering a line of outdoor power equipment. Mack has entered into an agreement with Ariens to produce lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other equipment that will feature the Mack name and bulldog logo.
    Topless American Muscle
    Friday, August 20
    Car & Driver has reported on a comparison between three convertable pony cars: the Trans Am, Camero, and Mustang. The Trans Am wins for top speed, the Mustang for independant rear suspension, and the Camero take the overall prize.
    Kirin to stop using gene-altered corn
    Tuesday, August 24
    Kirin Brewing, Japan's leading beer maker, announced today that it will stop using stop using genetically-modified corn in its beer by 2001. Kirin stated that while they believe the corn is safe, they cannot ignore consumer concerns over bioengineered crops. Kirin imports most of the 200,000 tons of corn it uses annually from the United States.
    Ford begins making low-emission pickups
    Tuesday, August 24
    Ford began production today of the model year 2000 F-series low emission vehicle (LEV) pickups in Kansas City. The trucks produce 43% less smog-forming emissions and are five years ahead of government requirements. Ford expects to begin producing LEV Rangers compact pickups next year.
    Great American Trucking Show
    Wednesday, August 25
    In what will the the largest first-time show ever, the Great American Trucking Show will begin on September 9. The show, held at the Dallas Convention Center will feature exhibitors representing all aspects of the trucking industry. Additionally, concerts by Sawyer Brown and Tanya Tucker, as well as an appearance by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, are scheduled. The show will run through September 11.
    John Deere unveils new large-track tractors
    Thursday, August 26
    John Deere has unveiled the new 9000T series large-track tractors. These new tractors feature a 12.5 liter engine producing either 360 or 425 horsepower. The tractors were shown as part of the company's annual new product show in Moline, Illinois, this week.
    Home Depot to stop selling 'old-growth' wood
    Friday, August 27
    The Home Depot annoucned that it will significantly change its wood-purchasing policies. The company will stop selling wood from environmentally endangered areas and give preference to certified wood, which comes from managed forests. The company also plans to stock more alternative wood products.
    Miss America Pageant eases swimsuit guidelines
    Monday, August 30
    The Miss America Pageant has eased restrictions on the types of swimsuits contestants can wear in an effort to boost ratings. The pageant allowed two-piece suits for the first time in 1997, but suits had to fall within certain measurement rules. While the new rules are much more relaxed, thongs and other small bikinis are forbidden. The contest airs on September 18.
    J.B. Hunt replaces its cabovers
    Monday, August 30
    J.B. Hunt Transportation Services has made a $1 billion deal to replace its cab-over-engine trucks with Freightliner Century Class conventional trucks. The move is to increase driver comfort and job satisfaction. Hunt will purchase up to 15,000 news trucks over the next five years to replace its existing fleet of 9,000.
    Ferrari 360 Modena
    Monday, August 30
    Road & Track Online has a report on the new Ferrari 360 Modena. The car is powered by a V-8 that provides a top speed of over 180 mph and runs the quarter-mile in 4.5 seconds.
    Drinking reduces risk of heart attacks in men
    Monday, August 30
    A new study by the Harvard Medical School shows that light drinking can greatly reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in men. The study, the largest to date, shows that men who drank two to four drinks per week lowered their risk by 60 percent. Five to six drinks per week lowers the risk by 79 percent. The drinking must be in moderation, however, as more than two drinks per day increases the risk.
    Ford Excursion preview
    Tuesday, August 31
    Car and Driver online has a preview of the new Excursion, the first vehicle to directly challenge General Motors' Suburban in 65 years. The SUV features a choice of three engines: V-8, V-10, or diesel; seats nine; and costs around $40,000.
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