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  • Ford sweeps Texas Truck Rodeo
  • Twenty important cars
  • John Deere unveils dump trucks
  • Computerized stadium seating
  • Happy Birthday to Manlyweb!
  • Eliminator 300 Eagle
  • Two new Chevy trucks
  • Interview with Hef's newest girl
  • Russian cruise missile sub for sale
  • Buy a trip to the Playboy Mansion
  • John Deere aquires Timberjack
  • Car and Driver's 10Best
  • Canadian Supreme Court allows lap dancing
  • Toyota Tundra is Motor Trend's Truck of the Year
  • Desmond Llewelyn dies in auto accident
  • Excelsior-Henderson files for bankruptcy
  • Ford F-150 SuperCrew
  • Beretta aquires Sako
  • GM gets HUMMERs
  • Camero versus Mustang, no hold barred
  • Review of 18-volt drills
  • Toyota MR2 Spyder
  • Ford sweeps Texas Truck Rodeo
    Wednesday, December 1
    Ford swept the top three spots for Best Full Size Pickup at the Texas Auto Writer's Association 7th Annual Texas Truck Rodeo. The first three positions went to the 2001 F-150 SuperCrew 4x4, the 2000 F-250 Super Duty 4x4, and the 2001 F-150 SuperCrew 4x2. The judges evaulated 49 vehicles by 19 manufacturers.
    Twenty important cars
    Wednesday, December 1
    The Associated Press has released a story on twenty of the most important cars of all time. The list starts with Duryea Motor Wagon from 1896, and ends with the 1991 Saturns. Others include the 1942 Jeep, the 1953 Ford F-100, and the 1954 Corvette.
    John Deere unveils dump trucks
    Wednesday, December 1
    John Deere has expanded its construction line to include articulated dump trucks. Deere has announced four new models, with payloads ranging from 25 to 40 tons. The smallest model is powered by an inline 6-cylinder engine, while the others have a V-8. The largest model features a 410 HP engine with turbocharger and intercooler.
    Computerized stadium seating
    Wednesday, December 1
    Intel and CSI have entered into an agreement to advance CSI's ChoiceSeat technology. The seats, which have been installed at Madison Square Garden, have 10-inch touch-screen displays built into the seatbacks. Fans can use the displays to select multiple camera angles, instant-replays, and other information. Intel will assist CSI in providing the interactive replays and information to fans at home using the internet.
    Happy Birthday to Manlyweb!
    Wednesday, December 1
    Today marks the first anniversary of MANLYWEB. One year ago today we decided that there needed to be a web site for real men instead of those so-called men's sites that are nothing but fashion tips and dating advice. Readership has more than doubled in the past few months and we wanted to say thanks! 
    Eliminator 300 Eagle 
    Wednesday, December 8
    Powerboat Magazine has a review of the Eliminator 300 Eagle in their December issue. The 30-foot boat comes with a 470 HP Mercury V-8 driving it to over 70 mph. The 300 is the 10th boat in the Eagle line, which ranges from 21 to 38 feet. The 300 starts at $77,530.
    Two new Chevy trucks
    Wednesday, December 8
    Chevrolet is planning to introduce two new trucks according to the Detroit Free Press. The new trucks are meant to help Chevy's market share, which has dropped nearly ten percent in the past twenty years. The first truck will be a sport utility with a pickup bed, similar to the new Ford Explorer Sport Trac. The second truck will be a heavy duty version of the Silverado equipped with a Duramax diesel engine and Allision transmission.
    Interview with Hef's newest girl
    Monday, December 13
    In a New York Post interview, Brande Roderick, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's latest love, gave a glimpse into life at the Playboy Mansion- the parties, Hef's bedroom habits, and the twins that Hef is currently dating.
    Russian cruise missile sub for sale
    Monday, December 13
    U-484, a Russian Juliett-class diesel submarine, is being offered for sale on the internet. The sub was in service until 1994, carrying four nuclear cruise missiles, 22 torpedos, and a crew of 82. The sub was decommissioned and sold in 1994, and towed to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1997 to serve as a tourist attraction. Despite drawing almost 50,000 visitors in its first year, the company went bankrupt and the sub has been closed for six months.
    Buy a trip to the Playboy Mansion
    Monday, December 13 will launch an auction site today by offering the "ultimate" millennium experience: two invitations to the 2000 New Year's party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Visitors can also bid on rare Playboy memoribilia and sell their own Playboy momentos. The auction for the New Years party is open until December 25.
    John Deere aquires Timberjack
    Thursday, December 16
    Deere & Company has purchased Timberjack for $600 million. Timberjack, based in Finland, is the world's leading manufacturer of forestry and logging machinery with manufacturing facilities in Europe, Canada, and the United States.
    Car and Driver's 10Best
    Thursday, December 16
    Car and Driver has released its 18th annual 10Best awards for 2000. The competition was open to any car, truck, SUV, or van as long as it is available for sale somewhere in the United States by the end of January 2000, and falls under a $61,000 price cap. The winners are the Audi A6 2.7T/A6 4.2, Audi TT, BMW 3-series, BMW 5-series, Chrysler 300M, Ford Focus, Honda Accord, Honda S2000, Lexus GS300/GS400, and the Porsche Boxster.
    Canadian Supreme Court allows lap dancing
    Monday, December 20
    The Supreme Court of Canada ruled to allow lap dancing, saying it does not violate community standards. The ruling overturns a previous judgement against lap dances.
    Toyota Tundra is Motor Trend's Truck of the Year
    Monday, December 20
    Motor Trend has announced the Toyota Tundra as their Truck of the Year. Motor Trend states that the Tundra "integrates utility, creature comforts and value with... reliability and toughness." This is the 12th annual Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend, last year's winner was the Chevrolet Silverado.
    Desmond Llewelyn dies in auto accident
    Monday, December 20
    Desmond Llewelyn, the actor who played the role of Q in the James Bond movies, died Sunday in an automobile accident. Llewelyn was 85. Llewelyn served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in World War II and was a prisioner of war in Germany for five years. Desmond Llewelyn appeared in 17 Bond movies, from 1963's "From Russia with Love" to 1999's "The World is not Enough".
    Excelsior-Henderson files for bankruptcy
    Tuesday, December 21
    The Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Company has filed for Chatpter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company has laid off 101 of its 116 workers and stopped manufacturing at its factory in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. The company lost $19 million on $22 million in sales during 1999. The company hopes to reorganize and attract new financing.
    Ford F-150 SuperCrew
    Tuesday, December 28
    The Detroit Free Press has reported on the new Ford F-150 SuperCrew. The truck is the first full-size pickup that has four real doors without being as long as a traditional crew cab. Ford took a foot out of the cargo bed and used it to lengthen the cab to accomodate the rear seating area.
    Beretta aquires Sako
    Tuesday, December 28
    Beretta, the oldest gun manufacturer in the world, purchased Sako, a firearms manufacturer based in Finland. The move will allow Beretta to expand its product range to include hunting rifles. Beretta plans to keep rifle production in Finland.
    GM gets HUMMERs
    Tuesday, December 28
    General Motors has finalized an agreement with AM General that gives GM exclusive ownership of the HUMMER brand name. GM and AM General will jointly pursue product, marketing, and distribution opportunities for the HUMMER, the civillian version of the all-terrain vehicle used by the US military. AM General will continue to handle all operations related to military sales.
    Mustang versus Camero, no holds barred
    Wednesday, December 29
    Car and Driver sponsored a match between Ford and Chevy. The only rule was that the vehicles had to resemble the production Mustang and Camero. Chevy packed their 1993 Camero with a 573 CI engine. Ford brought back the Boss, building a 598 CI V-8 that measured over 850 HP on the dyno. The match ended in a draw, with the Mustang winning at the track, but the Camero taking the street match due to engine problems in the Ford. 
    Review of 18-volt drills
    Thursday, December 30
    Popular Mechanics has published their review of 18-volt cordless drills. Drills by Black & Decker, Bosch, Craftsman, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Skil were tested. Their top picks were the Bosch 3850, the Makita 6343DWAE, and Milwaukee 0521-20.
    Toyota MR2 Spyder
    Thursday, December 30
    Road & Track has reviewed the new Toyota MR2 Spyder. The car aims to put Toyota back in the affordable roadster market, directly challenging the Mazda Miata. Weight-saving methods, like tube-steel stiffeners, make this car very light while a choice of inline 4-cylinder engines make it quick. Base price is about $20,000 and the car is expected to hit showrooms in the spring of 2000.
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