June 1999 Archives

Bikini contest injures seven, strippers perform MacBeth
Tuesday, June 1, 1999
Seven people were injured at a bikini contest in Mississippi when the stage collapsed. In Casselberry, Florida, Club Juana is fighting the city's new anti-nudity law by performing prts of MacBeth in the nude.

The Man Show
Tuesday, June 1, 1999
Comedy Central is debuting a new show promising "girls on trampolines". "The Man Show", premiering on June 16, is promising to offer comedy, advice, and the Juggy Dance Squad. The show will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, of "Win Ben Stein's Money" and MTV's "Loveline", respectively.

Sable sues WWF
Monday, June 7, 1999
Rena Mero, aka Sable, is suing the World Wrestling Federation for $110 million. Mero claims the WWF wanted her to participate in a lesbian story line and expose herself in the ring. The WWF denies the allegations.

Bikinis and Norwegian strippers
Tuesday, June 8, 1999
Norway's armed forces have announced that they will not longer endorce strip shows. The announcement came after a northern army garrison created controversy by putting up posters for a local strip show on base. In other news... Details magazine has come out with a list of the world's top beaches. Most bikini's per mile? Clearwater, Florida.

Mack introduces new engine
Monday, June 14, 1999
Mack has introduced the E7-460XT engine into their E-TECH line-up. The 12-liter diesel produces 490 horsepower and a peak torque of 1760 foot-lbs.

SUVs still suck
Wednesday, June 16, 1999
A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concluded that sport-utility vehicles incur major damage in even the slightest accidents. During testing, most SUVs sustained over $5000 of damage in 5 MPH collisions.

Porsche Boxster S
Friday, June 18, 1999
This fall, Porsce will begin selling the Boxster 'S', a more powerful version of their Boxster. The S will feature a 3.2 liter 6-cylinder engine that produces 252 HP.

Don't worry, the beer is safe
Saturday, June 19, 1999
Despite the recent scare over dioxins in Belgian food, the beer is safe. A study indicates that no dioxins were ever found in Belgian beer. The study was commissioned to head off possible bans of the beer in some countries.

Beer is good for you
Wednesday, June 23, 1999
New research indicates that beer is as effective as wine is reducing the risk of heart disease.