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October 1999 News Archives
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  • Beer consumption up at Oktoberfest
  • Special-edition Victory V92SC
  • Virtual brewery tour
  • Great American Beer Festival results
  • Colt reducing line of handguns, not leaving the business
  • opens
  • Nine new GM concept vehicles
  • New boats for 2000
  • Kenworth sets new land speed record
  • Beer for the troops
  • Harley-Davidson increases production
  • Playboy in Romania
  • Goodyear to stop making CART and IRL tires
  • Brothels legalized in the Netherlands
  • Do-it-yourself room acoustics
  • Playboy lingerie fashion show
  • Specs on record-breaking Kenworth
  • Sam Adams Millennium Beer
    Beer consumption up at Oktoberfest
    Monday, October 4
    Officials for Munich's Oktoberfest celebration report that beer consumption was up 6% this year, although attendence remained steady. During the festival, which ended on Sunday, 12.3 million of pints of beer were consumed and 160,000 glasses were stolen.
    Special-edition Victory V92SC
    Sunday, October 10
    Victory Motorcycles has announced a special edition of the V92SC for the year 2000. Only 400 of these bikes will be built. The special edition bikes feature 40-spoke lace wire wheels, a special windshield, pulled back handlebars, and a special cherry red paint scheme.
    Virtual brewery tour
    Sunday, October 10
    Anheuser-Busch has unveiled a "virtual brewery tour" on the web site. The site allows people to see the historic Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Saint Louis.
    Great American Beer Festival results
    Sunday, October 10
    The 18th Annual Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, concluded this weekend. The fesitval, which awards gold, silver, and bronze medals to beers in 54 different categories has announced the winners on their web site.
    Colt reducing line of handguns, not leaving the business
    Monday, October 11
    Colt Manufacturing Company announced that it is eliminating seven of its handgun models. The company refutes recent media reports, however, that indicate it is leaving the handgun business due to lawsuits. The company will continue to manufacture the .45-caliber and the Model P revolver.
    Wednesday, October 13
    The web site opened today, a site with beer, sports, music, and other information for beer lovers. also includes a library of information on beer from around the world.
    Nine new GM concept vehicles
    Tuesday, October 19
    General Motors will be revealing nine new concept vehicles at auto shows during the next several months. The vehicles include the GMC Terradyne, a work truck; and the Chevy SSR convertible pickup.
    New boats for 2000
    Tuesday, October 19
    Powerboat Magazine has released a preview of new boats scheduled to appear in 2000. Included on the list is 41-foot Tiger from Cigarette which tops 100 mph with twin 1000-hp engines. Also on the list are American offshore's new catamaran and Fountian's 38-foot Lightning, featuring twin 310-hp MerCruisers.
    Kenworth sets new land speed record
    Friday, October 22
    A Kenworth highway hauler set a new world land speed record for heavy duty trucks. The 1999 T2000 was driven by Glenn Brown at an average of 162.579 mph at Utah's Bonnevile Salt Flats. The truck is equipped with a 2200 hp Cummins K-series engine, tires from a 737, and a 60-inch sleeper.
    Beer for the troops
    Tuesday, October 26
    The 7,500 multinational troops in East Timor will soon receive supplies of beer. Each member of the Australian-led force will recieve two cans per day.
    Harley-Davidson increases production
    Tuesday, October 26
    Harley-Davidson announced it will increase its production target for 1999 and 2000. The company now plans to produce 175,000 bikes this year and 193,000 in 2000. The original production target for 1999 was 167,000. The move is a result of third quarter sales increasing over 20% from last year.
    Playboy in Romania
    Tuesday, October 26
    Playboy launched its first Romanian edition last Thursday. The Romanian Playboy is the 15th international edition of the magazine, which includes editions in other former-communist nations such as Croatia, Poland, and Russia. The Romanian edition will sell for approximately $1.50 and has a projected circulation of 40,000.
    Goodyear to stop making CART and IRL race tires
    Wednesday, October 27
    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced yesterday that it will not make Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) and Indy Racing League (IRL) tires in 2000. The company stopped supplying Formula One tires in 1998. Goodyear cites the ongoing split between CART and IRL as a factor in the decision.
    Brothels legalized in the Netherlands
    Wednesday, October 27
    The Dutch Parliment voted Tuesday to legalize brothels in the Netherlands. The vote overturns a 1912 ban on bordellos. Brothel owners will have to submit to a background check, meet safety standards, and confirm that the prostitutes are not illegal workers. Dutch prostitute associations hope the move will provide prostitutes with government-mandated benefits such as sick leave and maternity pay.
    Do-it-yourself room acoustics
    Thursday, October 27
    Home Theater Magazine Online has a guide to building the proper acoustic environment for a home theater. Unlike many guides, this one is designed for the average guy, who doesn't have a PhD in electrical engineering and won't be able to build a new wing on the house just to get good sound.
    Playboy lingerie fashion show
    Friday, October 29
    Playboy will host a multimedia lingerie fashion show on Tuesday, November 16 in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast over Playboy's cable TV network as well as an online web broadcast. The show will begin at 10 PM, eastern time.
    Specs on record-breaking Kenworth
    Friday, October 29
    Kenworth has unveiled the specifications for the Kenworth T2000 that set a new land speed record last week. The truck was driven by Glenn Brown over two runs at an average speed of 162.579 mph, breaking the previous record by nearly 15 mph. The T2000 features a stock cab with 60" sleeper, a 19-liter 2,200 hp Cummin K-series diesel, and automatic transmission.
    Sam Adams Millennium Beer
    Friday, October 29
    The Boston Beer Company has announced a limited-edition millennium brew. Only 3,000 bottles of this special beer will be sold through select retailers. The expected price is $200 for one 750 ml bottle. The beer has been made from select ingredients and aged five years in oak barrels. Jim Kock, founder of the Boston Beer Company, has signed and numbered each bottle.
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