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April 2000 News Archives
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John Deere offers new options on skid steers
Wednesday, April 12
John Deere has announced new options are available for the 200 series skid steer loaders. Among the new features are a two-speed option, an increase in bucket breakout force, and easier steering.
Mustang Cobra R
Wednesday, April 12
Car and Driver has reviewed the Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R. The limited-production car is the fastest Mustang ever with a 170 MPH top speed. The Cobra R is powered by a 330 cubic inch V-8, producing 385 HP.
Peterbilt long length model 387
Wednesday, April 12
Peterbilt has begun production of the long length model 387 at its Denton, Texas facility. The long length model is designed for customers needing higher horsepower engines such as owner/operators and heavy haul applications.
Concept trucks
Wednesday, April 12
Car and Driver has published a review of the concept trucks shown at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Included in the review are the GM Hummer H2, the Dodge MAXXcab, GMC Terradyne, and Ford Equator.
Supreme Court limits nude dancing protection
Wednesday, April 12
The US Supreme Court has limited the First Amendment protections applied to nude dancing. In a 6-3 vote, the justices decided that erotic dancing falls at the outer limits of freedom of expression and that local governments can require dancers to wear g-strings.
Advantage Poker Run 40
Saturday, April 15
Powerboat Magazine has a review of the Poker Run 40 from Advantage Boats. The 40-foot boat features an air-conditioned cabin, with TV/VCR, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. The tested boat was equipped with twin Teague Custom Marine 1000 horsepower engines, giving a top speed of 111 mph. Price of the boat, as-tested, is $454,797.
2001 Porsche 911 Turbo
Saturday, April 15
Car and Driver has a preview of the 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo. The new 911 is powered by a 220 cubic inch, 6-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled engine producing 415 horsepower. The car runs zero-to-sixty in 4.2 seconds, tops out at 189 mph, and costs around $110,000.
Playboy expects to open London casino in 2001
Saturday, April 15
Playboy Enterprises announced that it signed a deal to develop a Playboy Casino Club in London, England.  The club, which still has to be approved, will be a join venture between Playboy and Ladbroke Casinos.
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