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February 2000 News Archives
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  • GM to build state-of-the-art factory
  • Beer policy may change at Texas Motor Speedway
  • Mustang FR500
  • Tequiza Extra
  • Deere introduces low-emission 2-cycle engine
  • Titan to produce limited-edition Indy 500 bike
  • Derrick Thomas dies
  • New compact pickups
  • Truck technology
  • 2002 Dodge Ram
  • Jeep Varsity
  • 2001 Nissan Frontier
  • Volvo unveils diesel-electric army truck
  • 2001 Ford Ranger
  • Chicago Auto Show
  • Cummins online store
  • 2000 St. Pauli Girl
  • 2000 Hummer review
  • GMC Terradyne
  • Bass Brewing For Sale
  • NASCAR memorabilia for sale
  • 2000 Chicago Auto Show
  • Arizona lawmakers attack topless clubs
  • 80 MPG sedan
    GM to build state-of-the-art factory
    Tuesday, February 1
    General Motors has begun construction of a $556 million factory in Lansing, Michigan. The factory will have the capability to switch from cars to trucks, or to produce both. The design is in response to problems GM had because they had too many car factories when truck sales boomed in the 1990s.
    Beer policy may change at Texas Motor Speedway
    Wednesday, February 2
    The bring-your-own-beer policy at the Texas Motor Speedway may be revoked. The track is in alcohol-free Denton County, and local residents will vote to change the laws in a special district that includes the land the speedway sits on.
    Mustang FR500
    Monday, February 7
    Car and Driver has published their test driver of the Mustang FR500. The FR500 is a Mustang Cobra modified with $26,000 worth of aftermarket performance parts by Ford Racing Technology. The Mustang's twin-cam V-8 produces 415 HP and accelerates to 60 MPG in 4.5 seconds.
    Tequiza Extra
    Tuesday, February 8
    Following the success of Tequiza, Anheuser-Busch has announced it will begin selling Tequiza Extra on March 20. Tequiza Extra will contain no added lime or other sweeteners, giving a more distinct taste of tequila than regular Tequiza.
    Deere introduces low-emission 2-cycle engine
    Tuesday, February 8
    Deere & Company has announced their new ecoPower 2-cycle engine. The 25cc engine is designed to meet strict new air-quality laws. The ecoPower engine produces 75% fewer emissions than similar engines with a fuel saving of 30%. The engine will initially be used in a variety of power tools such as gas trimmers and leaf blowers.
    Titan to produce limited-edition Indy 500 bike
    Tuesday, February 8
    Titan Motorcycles will produce 100 limited-edition "Indy 500" versions of their Gecko Rubbermount motorcycle. The bikes will feature custom orange-and-checkered flag paint, and Indy 500 graphics. The Gecko produces 112 HP from an 1833cc V-twin engine.
    Derrick Thomas dies
    Tuesday, February 8
    NFL linebacker Derrick Thomas died today while hospitalized for injuries due to a car crash. Thomas was 33. Thomas' car flipped on an icy road while traveling to the Kansas City airport to fly to the NFC championship game.
    New compact pickups
    Wednesday, February 9
    The Detroit Free Press has a report on the new compact pickup models set to debut at the Chicago Auto Show this week. Among the trucks are the restyled Ford Ranger and the new S-10/Sonoma. 
    Truck technology
    Wednesday, February 9 has an article reviewing several new truck technologies. The first is Freightliner's Lane guidance system, which uses a series of cameras to detect the truck's lane position and alert the driver if he is drifting. The ZF Meritor FreedomLine AMT is a fully automatic transmission that shifts, clutches, and declutches. Freightliner also has a new Roll Advisor & Control, a system that can detect dangerous roll-over situations and evens cuts the engine and brakes if the situation is severe.
    2002 Dodge Ram
    Wednesday, February 9 has a review of what the 2002 Dodge Ram may look like. The truck looks more angular and is slightly larger than the current Ram. New engines for the truck may include the return of the Hemi in a 5.7 liter V-8, and a new V-10.
    Jeep Varsity
    Thursday, February 10
    Motor Trend has an exclusive first-look at the Jeep Varsity, a hybrid four-wheel drive concept car. The four-door features 9.5 inches of ground clearance, GPS navigation, and independent front and rear suspension. The Varsity is powered by a 3.5 liter V-6, producing 300 HP.
    2001 Nissan Frontier
    Thursday, February 10 has a report on the 2001 Nissan Frontier, unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. The truck has received a dramatic exterior and interior redesign. The Frontier also has a new optional supercharged 3.3 liter V-6 engine, producing 210 HP.
    Volvo unveils diesel-electic army truck
    Friday, February 11
    Volvo has unveiled a truck powered by a hybrid diesel-electic engine that is part of the US Army's 21st Century Truck Initiative. The Army hopes the initiative will develop more fuel-efficient trucks with technology than can be shared with the private sector.
    2001 Ford Ranger
    Friday, February 11
    Ford unveiled the 2001 Ranger at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday. Most notable about the new Ranger is that is does not have a true four-door version, unlike nearly all its rivals. The Ranger will still have the SuperCab version, which features two half-size rear doors. The 2001 Ranger will have a choice of three engines: a new I-4, a 3.0 liter V-6, and a new 4.0 liter V-6 producing 205 HP.
    Chicago Auto Show
    Friday, February 11
    The Chicago Auto Show opens to the public today at noon and runs through Sunday, February 20. The show features over 1000 vehicles and occupies over 840,000 square feet at McCormick Place.
    Cummins online store
    Thursday, February 17
    Cummins, the world's largest producer of diesel engines, has launched an online store. In addition to Cummins gear, the store sells service, maintenance, and parts manuals. Cummins customers can also now renew their ACCESS service contracts online.

    Thursday, February 17
    The website,, opened yesterday. The site aims to provide consumers with information on types of beer and what characteristics make up a particular type of beer.
    2000 St. Pauli Girl
    Thursday, February 17
    Angela Little is the St. Pauli beer girl for 2000. The 27-year-old Angela was Playboy's Miss August 1998.
    2000 Hummer review
    Friday, February 18
    The Detroit Free Press has a review of the 2000 Hummer. Four models are available this year ranging from $68,362 for a two-door soft top, to $85,718 for a four-door wagon. All four models are powered by a 6.5-liter turbodiesel, producing 195 HP. 
    GMC Terradyne
    Friday, February 18
    The Terradyne is a concept truck unveiled by General Motors at the North American Auto Show. The four-door truck features extra storage in the bed sides, a 500 watt generator, and four-wheel steering. The truck is powered by a 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel producing 300 HP.
    Bass brewing for sale
    Tuesday, February 22
    England's Bass PLC may sell its brewing division to focus on its hotel and other industries. Bass earns 23% of its profits from brewing, but insiders claim that more money could be made in other areas. Possible bidders for Britain's second-largest beermaker include Heineken and Anheuser-Bush.
    NASCAR memorabilia for sale
    Tuesday, February 22
    Polaris Industries is holding an online auction to raise money for Kyle Petty's Charity Ride Across America. Every week throughout the NASCAR season, one item will be auctioned off. Some items slated to be sold include: a cowboy hat with signatures from Lee, Richard, Kyle, and Adam Petty; A Caterpillar car hood; and a Polaris Bush Grand National Race helmet with Ward Burton's signature.
    2000 Chicago Auto Show
    Tuesday, February 22
    The Chicago Auto Show closed on Sunday after a ten-day run and almost one million people attending. Concept cars at the show included the Pontiac Piranha and the Ford Bullitt Mustang. Production versions of heavy-duty GM trucks, the Toyota Tacoma, and the S-10 Crew Cab were also shown.
    Arizona lawmakers attack topless clubs
    Thursday, February 24
    Arizona's legislature has drafted a bill that includes a number of measures aimed at controlling behavior in topless clubs. The bill includes laws that would regulate the height of stages, forbid placing dollar bills into dancers' G-strings, and make it illegal to have an erection in public. Although the bill has passed committee, the law against erections have caused many to ridicule the legislation and has slowed its progress. Last year Arizona passed a law requiring clubs to close by 1 AM.
    80 MPG sedan
    Thursday, February 24
    Dodge has unveiled a full size family sedan that gets 80 miles per gallon. The Dodge ESX3 is similar in size to the Dodge Intrepid, yet weighs 1,200 pounds less. The ESX3 uses a combination of a 3-cylinder diesel engine and an electric motor. Projected price is $28,500.
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