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  • 80 MPG sedans
  • Ford Escape
  • GM to buy out Saab
  • Hummer H2
  • North American International Auto Show
  • Milwaukee 14.4-volt drill
  • 270 Fiesta Vee
  • files for IPO
  • Donzi 38 Daytona
  • Freightliner recall 3000 trucks
  • 2001 Arctic Cat 600
  • Deere unveils quick mower
  • DaimlerChrysler recalls 652,000 SUVs
  • WWF and Playboy settle
  • Ford makes CD-ROM supplemental owner manual
  • Porsche driving school
  • Canned beer day
  • Mercedes pickup truck
  • Topless hair salon
  • Andy's sports column
  • NCAA allows use of replay on last-second shots
  • Electric trucks
  • Super Bowl demographics
  • Cherokee production to continue
  • Interstate hours rule modified
  • Atlanta strip clubs booming
  • Super Bowl gambling
  • Disgruntled fan sues hockey team
  • Dodge Dakota Quad Cab
  • Car and Driver's 10 Best
    80 MPG sedans
    Thursday, January 6
    The Detriot Free Press is reporting on the new high-mileage family sedans being unveiled at the North American Auto Show this week. The Ford Prodigy and the GM Precept both get 80 miles-per-gallon using a hybrid diesel-electric engine. Unlike the new Japanese hybrids, however, these cars are full-size family sedans. The cars are the product of an partnership between the US Government and American automakers.
    Ford Escape
    Tuesday, January 11
    Ford has unveiled the Escape, a lightweight SUV designed for city driving. The vehicles features a choice of an 2.0-liter I-4 or 3.0-liter V-6 engine, and full-time automatic 4x4 or front wheel drive. The Escape will be built in Ford's Kansas City assembly plant and should hit showrooms this summer.
    GM to buy out Saab
    Tuesday, January 11
    General Motors has opted to buy out the remaining 50% of Sewdish auto manufacturer Saab. GM initially aquired 50% of Saab in 1990. GM announced on Monday that it will take full control of Saab and bring new models into the lineup. Analysts estimate the buy out will cost GM $750 million.
    Hummer H2
    Thursday, January 13
    GM unveiled plans to build a smaller version of the Hummer off-road truck on Sunday. The new vehicle will be called the Hummer H2 and will be smaller and more passenger friendly. The vehicle will use GM's 6-liter V-8 engine. The Hummer H2 is scheduled to go on sale in 2002.
    North American International Auto Show
    Thursday, January 13
    The North American International Auto Show opens to the public this Saturday in Detroit, Michigan. The show is one of the largest and longest-running auto shows in the world. This year's show features 67 exhibitors and 62 vehicle introductions. The show runs through Sunday, January 23.
    Milwaukee 14.4-volt drill
    Friday, January 14
    Milwaukee Electic Tool Corporation has released a new 14-4-volt cordless drill. The model 0516-22 T-Handle Driver/Drill generates 390 inch-pounds of torque, and features "no memory effect" nickel cadmium batteries and a reversible battery pack for better balance.
    270 Fiesta Vee
    Friday, January 14
    Powerboat Magazine has published their review of the 270 Fiesta Vee from Rinker Boats. The 27-foot cruiser features a 5.7-liter Mercruiser engine generating 252 HP. The cabin sleeps fours, and the galley is equipped with refrigerator, stove, and microwave.
 files for IPO
    Friday, January 14, Inc. has filed for an initial public offering of common stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission. is the internet group of Playboy Enterprises and operates several web sites including, the Playboy Cyber Club, and the Playboy Store.
    Donzi 38 Daytona
    Thursday, January 20
    Powerboat Magazine has published their review of the 38 Daytona from Donzi Marine. The boat is equipped with a pair of Mercury Racing HP600SC engines and topped out over 80 mph. The reviewers noted the excellent construction quality and a 5-layer clearcoat which produced a deep shine. The boat handled well in all performance tests. Price as tested is $336,023.
    Freightliner recall 3000 trucks
    Thursday, January 20
    Transport Topics is reporting that Freightliner is recalling 3000 1998 and 1999 trucks to correct a flaw that could cause wheel separation. The problem is with an outboard bearing on the steering axle of Century, Argosy, FLD, and FLN models.
    2001 Acrtic Cat 600
    Thursday, January 20
    Arctic Cat is making a limited number of its new ZR 600 VEV and Mountain Cat 600 VEV available for delivery this month. The 110 HP snowmobiles are the first to feature Arctic Cat's Power Exhaust Valves which promise better acceleration, economy, and power range.
    Deere unveils quick mower
    Friday, January 21
    John Deere has unveiled the 1600 Wide-Area Mower. Deere claims the mower can cover up to 8.5 acres per hour. The mower is powered by a 4-cyliner diesel engine producing 51 HP and carrys three mowing decks.
    DaimlerChrysler recalls 652,000 SUVs
    Friday, January 21
    DaimlerChrysler has announced they are recalling 652,000 sport utility vehicles. The affected vehciles are the 1998 and 1999 Dodge Durango, as well as Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees built before 1995. The Durangos are being recalled due to wear on the fuel tank support strap and rear rake tube. The Jeeps are being recalled because of corrosion problems with the brake rotors.
    WWF and Playboy settle
    Friday, January 21
    The World Wrestling Federation and Playboy Enterprises have settled a lawsuit over the use of the character Sable. The suit was brought after Rena Mero appeared in Playboy as Sable. The settlement will provide the WWF with free advertising and royalties on future sales. Mero quit wrestling in June and has sued the WWF for sexual harassment.
    Ford makes CD-ROM supplemental owner manual
    Monday, January 24
    Ford has made a supplemental CD-ROM owners manual for the 2001 Explorer Sport. The electronic manual provides extensive information and video clips explaining parts of the vehicle. The manual contains three levels of detail to help those who just want a quick overview as well as those looking for detailed information.
    Porsche driving school
    Monday, January 24
    Porsche will open its Porsche Driving Experience program in February. The course provides students with expert high-performance driving instruction using the 300 HP Porsche 911 Carrera. The one-day performance road course is $1595, while the two-day advanced driving course is $2195. The course is located in Brasleton, Georgia.
    Canned beer day
    Monday, January 24
    Today marks the 65th anniversary of beer in a can. The world's first canned beer was sold on this day in 1935 in Richmond, Virginia. The beer was Kruger's Cream Ale and Krueger's Finest Beer brewed by the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company.
    Mercedes pickup truck
    Tuesday, January 25 is reporting that Mercedes-Benz may be preparing to produce a full-size pickup truck. The truck might be based on the Dodge Power Wagon concept truck and would compete in the upscale truck market with the Lincoln Blackwood.
    Topless hair salon
    Tuesday, January 25
    Residents of New Bradwell in England are protesting the opening of Britian's first "topless hair salon". Gary Mernagh, owner of the "Mipples" salon said it was just meant to be "a bit of fun," but locals are calling for it to close.
    Andy's sports column
    Tuesday, January 25
    Andy, our resident disgruntled sports fan, is back with another column. This time he discusses Barry Sanders' comments that he may return to the game.
    NCAA allows use of replay on last-second shots
    Wednesday, January 26
    The NCAA has decided to allow basketball officials to use instant replay to judge whether last-second shots count. An emergency meeting was held Monday after Miami beat Villanova due to officals incorrectly allowing a shot after the buzzer.
    Electric trucks
    Wednesday, January 26 is reporting on hybrid-electric trucks being developed by ISE Research. The truck is based on a Kenworth T-800 but is powered by an electric motor. The motor draws its power from batteries and a General Motors 5.7-liter Vortech V-8 engine. The truck has a maximum speed of 75 MPH while getting twice the mileage of a conventional truck.
    Super Bowl demographics
    Thursday, January 27
    Surveys describing the behavior of Super Bowl viewers have been released by Procter & Gamble and Simmons Market Research. Among the results: eating is the top Super Bowl viewing activity, while beer drinking is fifth. Microbrews are the top choice for fans who are drinking beer, and nachos are one of the favorite foods. (Did they really need a survey to figure this out?) notes that 11% of the players in the Super Bowl have a criminal record.
    Cherokee production to continue
    Thursday, January 27
    DaimlerChrysler has announced that it will continue to produce the Jeep Cherokee beyond November. Originally production was scheduled to stop as preparations were made to begin manufacture of a new, unnamed sport-utility. DaimlerChrysler says that the continued production will not affect the launch of the new vehicle.
    Interstate hours rule modified
    Thursday, January 27
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ruled that truckers must follow interstate hours-of-service rules for seven days before and after crossing state lines. Because many states allow drivers more time behind the wheel, most carriers followed federal hours laws on interstate loads and state laws on intrastate loads.
    Atlanta strip clubs booming
    Thursday, January 27
    Business for Atlanta strip clubs is great, with a high volume of convention traffic in town as well as events like the Super Bowl and All-Star Game. Industry estimates indicate 60% of business comes from out-of-town visitors. The nation's most profitable strip club, the Gold Club, is located in Atlanta and brings in over $10 million a year.
    Super Bowl gambling
    Friday, January 28
    Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest gambling day of the year, and casinos and online gambling sites are getting ready. says it expects 25,000 bets to be placed, compared to about 6500 for a normal football Sunday. In addition to straight bets, the Super Bowl has more proposition bets than any other event. reviewed the options and made a few picks, including that the game will go into overtime and the Rams final score will be 21.
    Disgruntled fan sues hockey team
    Friday, January 28
    A season ticket holder, unhappy with the team's performance, has sued the Anchorage Aces. Tim McCrory is seeking $2500 reimbursement for his season tickets, plus punitive damages. McCrory claims that the team's 11-25-5 record, the worst in the West Coast Hockey League, is because the owner has failed to properly equip and support the players.
    Dodge Dakota Quad Cab
    Monday, January 31 has published their review of the 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. The midsize truck seats five and handles quite well in the city, while still having much of the power and utility of a larger truck.
    Car and Driver's 10 Best
    Monday, January 31
    Car and Driver has published the detailed review of their annual 10 Best cars. The cars were announced in December, but Car and Driver now has created a special web site with photos, reviews, and specs on the cars.
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