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July 2000 News Archives
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Michelin and Goodyear run-flat agreement
Friday, July 7
Michelin and Goodyear have announced that they will cooperate to develop Michelin's PAX tire system. The PAX system is a new design that allows tires to be run at 50 MPH for 100 miles if air pressure is lost. The tires, however, will not fit on existing wheels and they cannot be changed without new tools.
Short shorts are back
Friday, July 7
Fox News is reporting that extremely short shorts, popular in the early 1980s fashion on Daisy Duke, has becoming popular again. We don't normally run fashion news here on MANLYWEB, but this is cause for celebration.
Lamborghini Diablo VT
Friday, July 7
Car and Driver has previewed the latest Lamborghini Diablo VT. The four-wheel drive Diablo is powered by a 366 cubic inch, 12-cylinder engine rated at 543 HP. The car has an estimated top speed of 208 MPH and a price near $300,000.
Sam Adams beats imports
Friday, July 7
The Boston Beer Company held a series of blind taste tests in eight US cities. The tests put Sam Adams against some of the best imported beers, including Guinness, Corona, and Heineken. The results indicated that people preferred the Sam Adams. For example, Sam Adams Cream Stout was preferred over Guinness 116 to 56.
2001 snowmobile lineup
Friday, July 14
SnoWest Magazine has a preview of the sleds coming up for 2001. Arctic Cat has ten new models and four new engines. Yamaha has some minor changes, including a new dual headlight on the Mountain Max 700. Polaris is expanding the lightweight Edge chassis to more models.
Kings of the quarter mile
Friday, July 14
Road & Track has an article on the top quarter-mile performance vehicles. The tested models run the range from a Corvette (12.99 sec @ 110.99 MPG) to top fuel dragsters (4.51 sec @ 326.67 MPH).
Teddy Roosevelt may get Medal of Honor
Friday, July 21
Former US president Theodore Roosevelt may receive the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military honor. The Army has recommended Roosevelt be awarded the medal for his actions in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.
John Deere unveils new logo
Friday, July 21
Agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturer, Deere & Company, has unveiled a new logo. The logo is a modification of their trademark "leaping deer" logo, which has been in use since 1876. The last logo change was in 1968.
Victory launches in UK
Friday, July 21
Victory Motorcycles has begun to sell in the United Kingdom. This marks the first time in over 60 years that an American motorcycle manufacturer has begun to sell in the UK.
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