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June 2000 News Archives
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Ford may move Mustang production
Thursday, June 1
Industry analysts claim that Ford will move production of the Mustang from the Rouge factory to a joint Ford-Mazda factory in Flat Rock, Michigan in 2003. The move will be made as part of a cost-reduction strategy by having the 2004 Mustang share more parts with Ford's other models.
Carlsberg and Orkla form new brewing company
Thursday, June 1
Danish beer giant Carlsberg is joining with Norway's Orkla to create one of the world's largest brewing companies. The new company, Carlsberg Breweries, is projected to have sales in excess of $2 billion.
Viper wins One Lap of America
Thursday, June 1
An unmodified Dodge Viper ACR driven by Brian Smith and Spencer Geswein has won the 2000 One Lap of America. One Lap of America is an endurance race covering 15 different states where the competitors must drive overnight to the various race tracks to compete. The Viper ACR features a 460 horsepower V10 engine.
Duramax Diesel Power Tour
Thursday, June 1
General Motors has launched the Duramax Diesel Power Tour to showcase the Duramax Diesel 6600 V8 engine. The tour will travel North America with a specially outfitted GMC Sierra 3500.
Bill "The Fox" Foster dies at age 68
Thursday, June 1
Bill "The Fox" Foster died on May 10, at the age of 68. Foster was the proprietor of the Fox Inn from 1961 to 1989. He would lead patrons in songs and chug a pint of beer while standing on his head. Recently, Foster served as the announcer and house band on Comedy Central's The Man Show.
2000 Silverado Z71 review
Friday, June 9 has a review of the 2000 Chevy Silverado Z71. A smooth ride is credited to the new frame and the rear seat is roomy for a club cab. The tested model features the 5.3 liter V8 engine and sells for about $32,871.
American Beer Month
Friday, June 9
The first-ever American Brewers Rally will occur on Saturday, July 1 in Philadelphia to launch American Beer Month. The event will begin a month-long celebration of American brewing.
Steeda F-150
Friday, June 9
Motor Trend has a online review of the Steeda F-150. A supercharger and other engine modifications boost the horsepower from 215 to 355. The modifications add $19,000 to the base cost of the F-150.
Buell recall
Friday, June 16
Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, has announced a recall due to shock absorber problems. The affected models are the 1999 and 2000 Cyclone M2, the 2000 Lightning M1, and the 2000 Thunderbolt S3/T.
Sex business down due to tournament
Friday, June 16
According to the Prostitutes Information Center in the Netherlands, the Euro 2000 European soccer championship has been bad for business. Customers are watching the matches on TV instead of spending time in the brothels. In addition, much of the normal tourist traffic has been replaced by soccer fans, many British, who the prostitutes describe as "a pain in the backside" or "too drunk to perform".
New Man Show episodes
Friday, June 16
The second season of The Man Show will begin this Sunday, June 18, on Comedy Central. Hosts Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel return, along with the Juggy Dance Squad and girls on trampolines. Unfortunately, Bill "The Fox" Foster passed away in May.
Courts takes away
Thursday, June 22
Harley-Davidson has dropped a six year fight to trademark the low, rumbling sound of its engines. Harley filed for a trademark on the sound of its V-Twin engines in 1994, but the application has been challenged by other motorcycle manufacturers.
Harley drops trademark fight
Thursday, June 22
A federal judge has ordered Michael Doughney to relinquish the internet domain name to the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The activist groups runs the web site, while Doughney was running a parody site, People Eating Tasty Animals, at Doughney's attorney says that he plans to appeal.
2003 Dodge Ram
Friday, June 30 has an article on the challenges faced by drivers who haul super loads. While the exact definition varies, in general a super load is in excess of 120,000 pounds or 90 feet. These loads require massive rigs and hundreds of dollars of special permits from each state along the route.
Super loads
Friday, June 30 has some images of the 2003 Dodge Ram undergoing testing in Arizona. The heavily camouflaged truck features four full-size doors and has styling elements from the MAXXCab concept truck.
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