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May 2000 News Archives
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Milwaukee introduces innovative drill bit
Monday, May 1
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has introduced its patented PathFinder drill bit, which can drill curved holes up to 90 degrees, and bores straight holes two to three times faster than traditional spade bits.  The PathFinder is a great time saver for electricians, plumbers, remodelers, woodworkers, locksmiths and cable installers, as well as the average handy man.
Snowmobiles banned in National Parks
Monday, May 1
The National Park Service issued a ban on the use of snowmobiles in nearly every national park and recreational area. Parks in Alaska and Voyagers National Park in Minnesota were excluded from the ban.
Hennessey Prowler GTX
Monday, May 1
Motor Trend has a report on the Hennessey Prowler GTX. The car is a Prowler with modifications to boost performance into the same range as the Dodge Viper. The primary modification is the addition of nitrous oxide injection, boosting the horsepower to 365. The conversion brings the Prowler's cost to $56,000.
Beer may be good for your heart
Tuesday, May 15
Dutch researchers have found that beer may be good for your heart, and even better than drinking red wine. Beer contains vitamin B6 which prevents the build-up of homocysteine, a chemical believed to be linked to heart disease.
Panty Raider
Tuesday, May 15
Simon & Schuster Interactive has announced their new computer game, "Panty Raider". In the game the player is placed on an island where a super model photo shoot is occurring. The player is required to take photos of the models' underwear in order to keep aliens from blowing up the earth.
Mack introduces TruckLink
Monday, May 22
The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed strict new rules that would reduce the pollution from heavy trucks by 90% over the next ten years. The new rules would require manufacturers to build cleaner engines and emission control systems to reduce nitrogen oxides and soot from exhaust. Petroleum refiners would be required to reduce the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel by 97%.
Beer banned at Yankee Stadium
Monday, May 22
Concession stands in Yankee Stadium bleachers will no longer sell beer, according to a team announcement on Friday. Last season the stadium stopped beer vendors from roaming the bleachers. The new policy will take effect at the Yankee's next home game on May 26. The Chicago Cubs have also banned roaming beer vendors in Wrigley Field and are considering further restrictions in the wake of a fight between Los Angeles Dodgers players and fans.
EPA proposes new rules for trucks
Monday, May 22
Mack Trucks has introduced TruckLink, a wireless diagnostic, maintenance and vehicle location system. This aftermarket system can report real-time maintenance information as well as vehicle location to repair centers. The system also allows diagnostics and repair information to be sent back to the driver.
International Eagle Tour
Wednesday, May 24
International has launched the Eagle tour for 2000. The tour, which started in May, showcases the 9000i series heavy trucks. The tour travels throughout the US and Canada until November.
American Dream Car Tour
Wednesday, May 24
Ford will be giving away three mid-1950s Thunderbirds as part of its American Dream Car Tour to promote the new Thunderbird, due out in late 2001. The tour kicks off on May 27 in New York, California, and Florida. The tour travels around the country through August.
GM Ram Jet 350 engine
Wednesday, May 24
General Motors has introduced the Ram Jet 350 engine, a performance engine designed hot rods. The engine has the appearance of street rod engines from the 50s and 60s, but incorporates modern technology. The engine is fuel-injected with Vortech cylinder heads and MEFI 3 controller.
No change in Texas Motor Speedway beer policy
Thursday, May 25
Texas Motor Speedway has announced that there will not be any changes to the track's beer policy. A special election in February gave the track the option to sell beer, but Texas law would prevent fans from bringing their own beer if it was also sold at the track. A track spokesman said that the overwhelming response from fans is that they want to bring their own.
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