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If you have to sit in front of a computer all day, at least you shouldn't have to look at some image of babies hugging kittens. Manlyweb has put together a few background images for you.

While you're free to download them and use them on your computer, please do not redistribute them without permission from Manlyweb.

Newport News Shipbuilding
Newport News ShipbuildingThis background is from a Newport News Shipbuilding ad. It features a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with the headline "90,000 tons of diplomacy" and "US Navy aircraft carriers. Anytime. Anywhere." Newport News' website is

Redline Snowmobiles
This background features three views of the Redline 954 Revolution. This snowmobile features a 110 HP 4-cycle V-twin engine. Redline's website is

Bucket Wheel
Giant Bucket Wheel Mining machineThis background has a giant bucket wheel used for mining. Notice the car in the lower left of the image.



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