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James Bond - The Books

The Books

When Ian Fleming passed away in 1964, James Bond didn't die with him.  In 1968, British novelist Kingsley Amis, under the pseudonym "Robert Markham," released the next Bond novel, Colonel Sun.

After more than a decade of rest (from print), John Gardner revived the Bond character with his 1981 book, License Renewed.  He continued writing Bond stories until 1996, when Raymond Benson assumed the helm with Blast from the Past, a short story published in Playboy Magazine.

In all, more than 35 Bond books and several short stories have been published, and there is no end in sight for 007.

Most of the Bond books are out of print, but the following links will take you to their pages, where you may be able to find the in thier used book network.

Book Title Year Author Buy
Casino Royale 1953 Fleming buy
Live and Let Die 1954 Fleming buy
Moonraker 1955 Fleming buy
Diamonds Are Forever 1956 Fleming buy
From Russia, With Love 1957 Fleming buy
Doctor No 1958 Fleming buy
Goldfinger 1959 Fleming buy
For Your Eyes Only 1960 Fleming buy
Thunderball 1961 Fleming buy
The Spy Who Loved Me 1962 Fleming buy
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1963 Fleming buy
You Only Live Twice 1964 Fleming buy
The Man With the Golden Gun 1965 Fleming buy
Octopussy 1966 Fleming buy
The Living Daylights 1966 Fleming buy
Colonel Sun 1968 Amis buy
License Renewed 1981 Gardner buy
For Special Services 1982 Gardner buy
Icebreaker 1983 Gardner buy
Role of Honor 1984 Gardner buy
Nobody Lives Forever 1986 Gardner buy
No Deals, Mr. Bond 1987 Gardner buy
Scorpius 1987 Gardner buy
Win, Lose or Die 1989 Gardner buy
Licence to Kill 1989 Gardner buy
Brokenclaw 1990 Gardner buy
The Man From Barbarbossa 1991 Gardner buy
Death Is Forever 1992 Gardner buy
Never Send Flowers 1993 Gardner buy
SeaFire 1994 Gardner buy
GoldenEye 1995 Gardner buy
Cold Fall 1996 Gardner buy
Blast From The Past** 1996 Benson
Zero Minus Ten 1997 Benson buy
Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 Benson buy
The Facts of Death 1998 Benson buy
Midsummer Nights Doom** 1999 Benson
High Time To Kill 1999 Benson buy
The World Is Not Enough 1999 Benson buy
Live at Five*** 1999 Benson
Doubleshot 2000 Benson buy
**Short Story, appeared in Playboy
***Short Story, appeared in TV Guide

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