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Andy Sidaris

If you don't know who Andy Sidaris is, then you've got a lot to learn about film. Quite simply, Mr. Sidaris makes movies for men: beautiful women wearing little clothing and a lot of shit blowing up. No moral dilemmas, no commentary on the state of society. Naked women and stuff blowing up. That's a movie.


Andy Sidaris was born on February 20, 1933 in Chicago. Andy spent the first 25 years of his career as the top director for ABC sports. Andy directed over 30 Emmy Award winning shows including ABC's Wide World of Sports.

Andy Sidaris' trademark movies began in 1985 with Malibu Express, featuring four Playboy Playmates. A dozen films later, his formula remains the same. Beautiful women, exotic locales, and a lot of stuff blowing up. Andy's movies are a family affair, with his wife and son working for his company, Malibu Bay Films.

Sidaris released an autobiography (of sorts) in 2003, entitled Bullets Bombs and Babes.


Andy started out by writing and producing Malibu Express in 1985. Malibu Express is the story of a Texas millionaire, who works as a private eye, being hired to investigate a computer company selling secrets to the Russians. The cast includes dozens of girls, including four Playboy Playmates.

Hard Hunted, Andy SidarisHis next movie was Hard Ticket, his first film to feature Dona Speir, Playboy's Miss March 1984. Speir appeared in Andy's next seven films, the next two of which were Picasso Trigger and Savage Beach.

Sidaris released Guns in 1990, starring Erik Estrada as a South American gun dealer with a base in the Hawaiian Islands, with Dona Speir leading a group of beautiful special agents sent to stop him.

Sidaris's next movies were Do or Die, Hard Hunted, and then Fit to Kill in 1993. Fit to Kill marked the first appearance of Julie Strain, Penthouse's 1993 Pet of the Year, in an Andy Sidaris film. Strain was featured in Andy's next four movies.

Return to Savage Beach, Andy SidarisAndy's next two movies were Enemy Gold and The Dallas Connection. In 1996 came Day of the Warrior, the first L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies film. The L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies are the Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law, a team of beautiful top-secret government agents who travel the world, taking off their clothes and stopping crime. Day of the Warrior also starred professional wrestler Marcus Bagwell.

Andy's most recent film is 1998's Return to Savage Beach. In the movie, the L.E.T.H.A.L. ladies must act when a secret disk is stolen from headquarters. The mission takes them from the bayous of Louisiana, to Beverly Hills, to Hawaii.


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