Penthouse Pet Arrested for Prostitution

Authorities in Georgia have arrested two women for prostitution, for charging ‘dates’ up to $10,000.  Lisa Ann Taylor, who goes by Melissa Wolf on her personal Web site and claims to be “North America’s Most Published Centerfold and one of Penthouse Magazine’s Most Published Pets,” was arrested in her million dollar home in the exclusive Sugarloaf Country Club area.

Forty-two year old Taylor, and her 30-year old alleged partner Nicole A. Probert, were arressted and charged with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution, and conspiracy to possess cocaine.

Manlyweb’s take: Daaaaamn…$10k to hit that? I mean, I know that maybe they just got out of bed and all when they were arrested…but daaaaaamn. Her site (which we felt obligated to check out–we’re not linking to it, but it’s simply her stage name with the dot com–and it’s extremely Not Safe For Work) also lists one of her plans for the future to ‘start an agency of my own booking feature entertainers. I want to provide a service to the girls that will help them build a long-term career for themselves that will be as successful and lucrative as mine has been over the years.’

Wonder if this is all part of that goal?

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