Sharp Introduces 108-inch LCD TV

Sharp Corporation introduced a 108-inch high definition LCD television on Sunday at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.  The company, expecting the model to be available mid-year, did not offer a price.

Several other companies showed off products as well:

LG introduced a 100-inch LCD, as well as a ‘Super Multi Blu’ DVD player that will support both Blu-ray and HD DVD, rivaling high definition DVD formats, initially at a cost of about $1200.

Phillips introduced a one speaker surround-system and a wireless high-definition hub, and also showed off bigger models of televisions that light up the wall behind them and introduced amBX, a video game system with a fan to simulate wind, for the North American market.

And Samsung said it plans to make available to U.S. broadcasters a new technology that lets people watch digital TV in cars, trains and on mobile computers.

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