Stripper Golf Rules

Well, our post about strippers & golf made us think that there should be rules in place for events like that.  So, here’s our start:

1) Lap dance stations should be set up on holes not visible from private property.  If all holes are visible from public roads or property, DO NOT HAVE STRIPPERS AT THE GOLF COURSE!

2) Come up with something a little more classy than lawn chairs & blankets for lap dances.  Chairs with arm rests seriously restrict movement, and blankets…you’re just asking for no good.

3) Make sure the strippers are attractive, and won’t break said lawn chairs when they’re weight is added to the customer’s.

4) Save the sex acts for the club house.

5) The goal is still to get your ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible, not get your club into the hole for as many strokes as possible.

Got more to add? Post them below.

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