Welcome to Manlyweb News, version 14

We weren’t all that thrilled with how the latest Manlyweb News section turned out–that’s what happen when we rely on ourselves to code this stuff–so we finally paid someone to help us design an actual blog again.  Unlike our last blog, which we lost when we melted down another server at our 4th or 5th hosting company, this time we’re just going to feature our own content, rather than bringing in content from places like Fark and Milk & Cookies.  We ended up deleting a lot of their crap anyway.

If you’re interested in looking through the way back archives, here’s our first News section–amazingly enough, that was done before blogging was cool socially acceptable the scourge of the Internet.  Another in the long line of projects that if we had continued to develop the tool in a garage somewhere rather than going to the bar probably would have led to us retiring on the beach by now.

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