Pamela & Denise MIGHT do Playboy…again…

Over exposed Playmate Pamela Anderson and former Wild Thing playmate (as in Charlie Sheen, aka Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn…or Matt Dillon/Neve Campbell three way action) Denise Richards may do a Playboy spread together.  Then again, they also might not (that’s why it’s Almost News).

Our boy Hugh Hefner has reportedly offered them $1 million to pose together for the January 2008 issue.  No word on if that’s $1 million apiece, or for the package.  For Anderson, it would extend her record of times appearing sans clothing in the men’s magazine, currently at 12.  For Richards, it would be her second appearance, after posing for the December 2004 issue.  The pair became friends while filming Blonde and Blonder together (I’m guessing you’ll want to stop blinking if you want to catch that one in the theater).

Possibly the more interesting tidbit in this Playboy story, though, comes at the end–Britney Spears, apparently sensing that her career is on the steepest part of her slope downwards, reportedly contacted Playboy and offered to pose for $1 million (the same amount the mag reportedly offered her back in 2004).  Our guess: In a year, she’s going to wish that she had taken the $400,000 counter offer. Especially since she seems to already have a knack for showing off the goods on the Interweb.

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