Playboys for Playoff Tickets

So it’s not the most timely article, but some yahoo in Colorado wanted to trade 25 years worth of Playboys for tickets to see his Rockies get their asses kicked in the World Series.  In and of itself not that big of a deal.  Here’s the problems I have with it:

  • The wife wanted them gone because they were “taking up too much room in the basement”.  Get over it.  Buy some plastic totes, and stack them in the corner.  It’s 300 issues.  You probably have more than 300 recent copies of those crappy entertainment rags and magazines where women write articles about what guys are thinking in the living room, and we don’t complain.
  • You’ve got 2-3 kids in the house, including a son that presumably is near the age where Playboy’s become currency at school, and you’re not locking those babies up?
  • Possibly my biggest problem with the whole deal–you’ve got 25 years of Playboys, no issues missing, in mint condition, and you apparently paid a “friend” $200 for them?  Was your friend in need of cash to buy some meth?  That’s less than a dollar an issue.  While they’re not the easiest things in the world to sell, I would expect that your collection could easily get $500-600 bucks at the local porn/book store.

Seriously, what kind of friend are you?

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