New Frontier Imploded

The New Frontier was imploded in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning, mere days before Manlyweb makes its triumphant return to Vegas, marking the end of another icon of Vegas.  While not as well known as many of its neighbors (and frankly not as high of a profile implosion as the Stardust’s demise last March), the New Frontier was a Las Vegas Strip mainstay since 1942, was considered the Strip’s first themed casino, and hosted Elvis Presley’s debut in the city in 1956.

In recent years, the casino was known more for being one of the few options in the heart of the strip where $5 blackjack and craps tables could be found (we know, we played there last year a few times when we were out there and not on a lucky streak), as well as it’s bikini bull riding (a show I wish I had had a chance to review).  The hotel and casino closed for good in July. 

The space will be used for a resort planned by IDB Group and Elad Group, the owner of The Plaza hotel in New York. The developers have said they want to create a luxury hotel with about 3,500 rooms, private residences, retail space and a casino bearing The Plaza brand, all to reach for the highest end of the market.  Frankly, sounds like another overpriced option to eventually avoid to me.

UPDATED: The YouTube Video

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