When Beauty Contestants Attack!

kumari_fulbright_beforeTo the right is Kumari Fulbright, Miss Pima County 2005, Miss Desert Sun 2006, and contestent for Miss Arizona during both those years.  In the image, she is posingwith an HK 51 for the SubGuns.com 2008 calendar, which for just $12.99, features “a nice selection of your favorite NFA weapons lovingly displayed by twelve of the hottest girls next door.” Fulbright is Miss May, according to Title2Media, who puts out the calendar.

kumari_fulbright_afterAlso to the right is an image of Kumari Fulbright, after she was arrested and was indicted with three men Dec. 18, 2007, by a Pima County Superior Court grand jury on charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated robbery and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

They are the same Kumari Fulbright.  Just a classic case of boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy and girl break up, girl suspects boy of stealing jewelry from another ex-boyfriend so enlists said ex-boyfriend and his brother and another friend to kidnap, hold at gunpoint, rob, and even bite boy.

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