NFL Veterans’ Injuries

I’m sure that by us posting this, that Men’s Journal’s Web site traffic will go through the roof, and they’ll contact us to finally figure out how they should be publishing on the Web.  

Joking aside, I only hope that Men’s Journal isn’t one of those stupid Web sites that takes content down after a month, or moves it to a pay only archive, or one of the other countless stupid things that print publications tend to do to prevent potential visitors from seeing their articles on the Web.  Because their Casualties of the NFL article is one that should be read by football fans everywhere. 

Seriously, that Gene Upshaw reportedly takes the stance of “Retired Players are no longer dues paying members of the Players Association” is so utterly ridiculus that we don’t even really begin to know how to put it into words.   

We love football as much as the next guy (possibly more), and we love the NFL.  And we understand that there is probably more than one side to this story, and some people on the veterans side aren’t necessarily handling this in the best way possible (we’re looking at you Mike Ditka and Joe DeLamielleure), but seriously, if the NFL and their own Players Association aren’t going to try to fix this, then I seriously hope someone in Congress threatens to take away their anti-trust status (this is slightly more important of an issue than whether or not a few Senators get to watch their home team’s games when they are on the NFL Network–seriously, that letter didn’t get to the NFL until the Patriots and Steelers games are just about to not be on broadcast, but where were they when the Cowboys and Packers played three weeks earlier in a game that mattered?).

OK, we’ll get off our soap box now.

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