Husband Trades in Wife for $750,000

OK, not exactly–his wife actually left him for her boss, a wealthy realtor.  But Mississippi plumber Johnny Valentine did something about it that didn’t involve driving over to his house with guns–he took the sonofabitch to court.  And won.

Turns out Mississippi (along with about five other states) has a law that allows a cuckolded spouse to seek damages for “loss of society, companionship, love and affection,” as well as “the loss of sexual relations.” And with her admission of adultery in hand (not to mention the daughter that apparently was quite obviously not his), he was awarded $750,000. 

Jerry Fitch, the new husband of Valentine’s ex, appealed the decision to the Mississippi Supreme Court, claiming the verdict was unconstitutional, “antiquated” and based on “medieval notions” about marriage and property.  They refused to overturn the verdict, and the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

So, wife & kid, or $750 large–which would you take?

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