A Drink (or Two) A Day Keeps the Reaper Away

A new Danish study shows that drinking can help reduce your chances of heart disease.  The study, which started in the 80′s and followed the health and lives of almost 12,000 people, showed that people who neither drink nor exercise had about a 50% higher chance of getting heart disease. 

The study also found that non-drinkers were almost a third more likely to die from heart disease compared with people drinking moderately – up to two drinks a day. The risk remained no matter how much exercise was taken by abstainers.

Heavy drinkers (15 or more drinks each week) fared as badly as non-drinkers, said the researchers.  Moderate drinkers had the lowest risk of death from all causes, including those who seldom exercised. However, within each category of weekly alcohol intake, the physically inactive had the highest risk of death.

So keep on drinking, and try to get a little exercise, and you too can avoid death!  (For a while).

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