What Women Put Us Through

Building off of the Things Women Make Us Do post from yesterday, here’s a guy who didn’t take the route of suing his wife’s new lover–nope, he went to the butcher’s shop and got a cow’s head instead, and mailed it to the guy.  Not sure if Pennsylvania has a “Cuckolded Spouse” route, but I’m thinking I’d take $750 large over 50 hours of community service and two years probation.  Oh, and the guy did reconcile with the wife, too.

And, in another crazy story, a Polish man got the surprise of his life…well, more like the surprise of his wife when he went to the local brothel.  That’s right, his wife, who had told him she was working at a store in a nearby town to pick up some money on the side, was picking up some money AND some action on the side, in the world’s oldest profession.  And no, they are not reconciling (at least yet).

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