Dorm Daze 2

Well, we’ve been seeing this one on cable a bit lately, and realized that our previous review of the DVD we received was probably deleted when we melted down our last blog.

Like its predecessor, National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2 is basically an excuse to show some naked chicks on screen, with average actors and a weak plot to round it out.  In other words, it’s exactly the kind of movie we like to watch when the hangover is screaming for something that isn’t going to require a whole lot of attention to follow along.

Some highlights include Vida Guerra (see below) and Danielle Fishel (unfortunately still fully clothed–when will Topanga do a Playboy spread?), famous “Oh, That Guy” actors Larry Drake, Chris Owen (aka “The Sherminator”), and Charles Shaughnessy all showing up, the best girls in the shower scene I can think of since Porky’s, and Kato Kaelin in his most memorable performance since…well, ever. 

In the end, probably not the best date movie in the world–but it’s great for an hour and a half that you really don’t care that you’ll never get back.

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