Lingerie Bowl V…uh…IV?… Cancelled.

For the second year in a row, the Lingerie Bowl has been tragically cancelled.  After cancelling in 2007 due to what promoters blamed on the switch from pay per view to cable (ie, no one was willing to pay to see it, and no cable companies were willing to pay to air it), this year the promoters are blaming the cancellation on the city of Scottsdale, for dragging their feet in approving a permit for the game. 

The game’s producers, Horizon Productions, had announced that the game would occur in Scottsdale during a press conference in February.  They also announced that Jenna Jameson, the famous porn star turned Scottsdale club owner who had just recently won a victory during a Scottsdale election, would serve as the color commentator.

The event apparently received overwhelming negative response from residents, and from Mayor Mary Manross, who had also previously opposed the naming of the local Pink Taco Restaurant.  Organizers had apparently even baited the mayor into opposing the event, by sending her a uniform.  While never officially rejected the plans to close city streets for a festival or play the game at a downtown golf course, the application was withdrawn in October.

Despite not being sanctioned (or really even recognized or acknowledged as exisiting) by the NFL, it was the first time that the game was to occur in the same city as the Super Bowl, which will be played at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.  The first three Lingerie Bowls were taped at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and aired during halftime of the big game.

Promoters claim that they have already secured a location for Lingerie Bowl VI (apparently the numbering still goes on, even when the games don’t) in Tampa, Florida for 2009, where Super Bowl XLIII will take place.  Hopefully this time they were smart enough to get the contract signed in advance, not bait the mayor, and get their permits in place before making the announcement. 

And fortunately, Puppy Bowl IV will still take place on Animal Planet.

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