Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl

Thanks to regular reader Sir Whoopass for sending along this link to the Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl competition on the “Best” Damn Sports Show Period (we refuse to link to it, and to acknowledge it as the best–although compared to anything on ESPN these days, even a show featuring Chris Rose may be able to win the title, if we ever actually bothered to rate them all).

The article he sent along didn’t have a date on it (nice move, FoxSports), so we went to their Web site and found a link to a seperate 2008 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl competition, which for some reason only has 12 contestants (personally, if they’re going to do it right, I think they should let us choose from ALL Hooters girls.  Preferably in person).

So the first link must have been the 2007 competition.  Unfortunately none of the Hooters girls from our local hot spots made the cut–guess that’s your loss, and our gain.

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