Greatest Product Ever?

There are currently over 50 blogs that we have in our subscription list to check on a somewhat regular basis.  One of the more frequent blogs we visit is called Get Rich Slowly, a blog about financial responsibility and stuff like that.  Because, well, we want to be rich someday.

But we never really expected to link to it from this blog.  But today, to our surprise, they discussed a product that they found that we think is worthy of writing about, and probably worth trying: Bacon Salt.

It’s ingenius, actually–french fries taste better with bacon.  Hamburgers taste better with bacon.  Breakfast isn’t breakfast without bacon.  So why not find a way to incorporate bacon into every meal?  Like their site says–everything should taste like bacon. 

So, like the site says, they took $5k that they won for submitting this not at all funny video to America’s Funniest Home Video (they even admit it’s not funny–says something when a show can go downhill AFTER Bob Saget leaves), and launched three flavors of Bacon Salt.  And now it sounds like they’re getting a following.  They even have a Bacon Salt Blog, with recipe ideas, stories, and pictures (which has been added to our subscription list).

Alas, they don’t have any stores near us yet, but (since we refuse to buy it online), we might have to see if a certain friend of Manlyweb in the Reno area can check it out at his local Butcher Boy and report back.

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