I Thought This Was Funny…

So, I think we’ve mentioned before that we get emails about movie releases, books, CDs, and new products fairly frequently.  And every once in a while, we actually respond, because, well, we don’t mind free stuff.

So we responded to one a couple weeks back, mainly because they called us a valued blogger, and asked for our address to send us something.  So I thought, “Finally, someone recognizes my value as a blogger,” and send along my address.  And promptly forgot about it, like I usually do.

Well, yesterday, a box showed up on the doorstep.  And I was curiously excited, because 1) like I said, I didn’t remember asking for anything recently, and 2) the box was good sized.

Package1 So, I tore it open, and found…a bunch of bubble wrap. 

So I thought “Cool, it’s breakable.”  And I started pulling it out, and pulling it out, and finally, I found…Package3

That’s right, a little jar of Redken For Men hair…stuff.  Texture putty, they call it.

Granted, there was a press kit in the box too.  But still, that big box got me all excited, and all I got was hair stuff.

Oh well, at least I thought it was funny.  And I got a blog post out of it.  I’ll post an actual review of the hair stuff when I get a chance to use it–I typically don’t bother getting “all done up” when I don’t expect to do anything but sit around in my office in my boxers all day.

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