Ultimate Waste of Money?

Unlike many people, the whole Guitar Hero thing hasn’t struck a chord with us here at Manlyweb–we can’t play a real guitar, but if my choices were to try to learn Guitar Hero, or learn the real guitar, the real guitar wins every time–at least chicks might dig that.

Even our most frequent hangout, known for beer, wings, and owls, has fallen prey, recently bringing in an Xbox, and has regular Guitar Hero tournaments.  We typically sit in a back corner and mock those playing, and wonder how they expect to make money from a bunch of kids who order pop with no food?

Anyway, this past weekend, we stumbled¬†onto what I think may be the ultimate waste of money–guitar maker Peavey has introduced a line of Guitar Hero controllers, made from…real guitars.

My only hope is that I’m there when this finally happens at our local bar:

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