Vegas is Calling…Literally

Well, we’re starting to get the feeling that Vegas wants us to come back–last week, we got a call from a certain hotel that we stayed at last time, inviting us to call their marketing department to see about rates.  I knew I played there a fair amount, but I didn’t think I played at high enough amounts to warrant a call–then again, the trip was five months ago, so maybe they lowered their threshold.

Today, when we got the mail, we noticed that there was one of those big fashion type magazines at the back.  Assuming it was for the wife, we paid it no attention–until I caught a glimpse of my name on the label.  Finding that strange, I took a closer look, and realized it was a copy of Vegas.  Interestingly, I had picked up a copy of their April issue at the book store last week, just to compare it to the Las Vegas Living we’ve been getting since Christmas.

I haven’t had a chance to look it over in detail yet, but I can’t imagine any way in which I won’t enjoy it–even if it does appear to have lots of pictures of the celeb set that I find rather annoying in Vegas–I’ll read damn near anything about Sin City.

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