Three Articles That (Unfortunately) Caught Our Eye

As you may have noticed if you’ve seen more than one of our posts, there is a wide variety to the sites that we visit on a given day.  We also use MyYahoo! to track a fair number of RSS feeds–and for some stupid reason, one day a few years ago, we included the Entertainment Feed on Yahoo as a part of that.  And now, even though it annoys us, every once in a while, we see a headline, and feel compelled to click.

This one isn’t even Entertainment related (unless you like train wrecks), but the link headline was what caught us–something along the lines of “Clinton Wins PA Primary; Now Needs More Cash.”  Ummm, can’t she just use some of that $109 million she and Bill have made in recent years, according to their tax returns?  Oh, they’re saving that for a rainy day, and would rather use hard earned tax payer donations (along with corporate bribes)?  Got it.

Speaking of train wrecks, Star Jones is filing for divorce.  I’m surprised it took this long, I’m amazed that it was her that filed (although I guess maybe Al Reynolds likes the lifestyle), and I wonder who’s sponsoring the divorce.

And of course, Miley Cyrus is writing her memoirs.  I wonder if it will be a coloring book, or just one of those books where you get the page wet and the colors come out, and parents call it painting?  Seriously, she’s 15 years old–how many memories can she have?

On the flip side, I also came across this article on Robot Vigilante - a bar owner in Atlanta has built a robot, dubbed the ‘Bum Bot,’ to help scare away the baddies in his neighborhood.  Crime around his bar appears to have gone down, but of course, he’s got the tree huggers up in arms:

 ”This is going to intimidate a lot of people,” says Rosetta Watkins, who used to live in a nearby shelter and has worked for Terrill. “You’re going to intimidate a lot more people than you’re going to help.”

And the politicians…

“”It’s a play for public attention for Rufus. He’s certainly got a lot of attention — but not the kind we need for housing, living wages,” says Anita Beaty, director of Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. “This robot isn’t casting attention to the deep, deep poverty in Atlanta.”

 ”I’m appalled by the whole idea. It’s a sham and a shame,” says Beaty. “Rufus is using this for his 15 minutes.”

Even the cops had to come out and say something, with their spokesperson saying they haven’t had any complaints yet, but he risks charges if he intentionally sprays water on someone.

That’s right–take a dump in the alley, smoke some crack by the daycare, rob the bar, no problem.  But shoot water at someone who’s lurking around after dark, likely with the intent to do something not so good, and you’ll face charges in Atlanta.

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