Megan Fox Named FHM Hottest

Sigh…somehow, I managed to write a damn post about Star Jones last week, but not one about the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World list coming out.  I remember seeing the headline, but I probably skipped it, because I know how stupid those lists ALWAYS end up being.

But, at the same time, I can’t complain about #1 on the list this year–Megan Fox, star of what surprisingly turned out to be one of the best movies of 2007 (in our ever so humble opinion), Transformers.  Yeah, it’s kind of geeky–but I thought Michael Bay actually did a decent job with it, kept it amusing for Transformers newbies, but also added some in-jokes for those of us that grew up with Transformers.  Hell, even 2 of the 3 wives within the Manlyweb circle enjoyed it (the third decided to take a nap midway through–but then again, we weren’t in the theater then either).  I’m still pissed it got snubbed at the Oscars.

OK, enough of our geekiness, back to the Sexiest 100 list–you can see the full list here.  We warn you, though–there is a lot of crap on the list.  For instance…

#100 Britney Spears – there’s crazy sexy, and bat shit crazy.  Guess which Britney is?

#87 Madonna & #75 Pam Anderson – You can still be sexy at any age.  However, you can not be one of the Sexiest 100 Women in the World at any age.  Or if you’ve slept with Rick Solomon–so, that includes you too, #77 Paris Hilton.

Speaking of Paris, that she, #16 Lindsay Lohan (see #100 above), #17 Kim Kardashian and #56 Tara Reid made the list is rediculous–skanky does not equal hot.  At least they finally appear to have realized that Nicole Ritchie’s ribs aren’t so sexy either.

It’s not all bad, though–like I said, no complaints about #1 Megan Fox (well, other than her decision to say yes to Brian Austin Green’s proposal–seriously, you could do better).  #5 Scarlett Johanson is always fun to look at (although she could leave the politicking to the professionals).  #19 Ali Larter could still be higher on the list simply based on the whip cream bikini from Varsity Blues several years later.

There were even some people we thought could go higher–for instance, #39 Christina Aguilera, who we’re not normally a huge fan of, would probably take two spots in our top 25, based on the last pictures we saw of her & the post-baby rack (and she married a geeky looking guy to boot), and #63 Ellen Page and #83 Jenna Fischer both exude the kind of girl next door look, much better than the “I was out until 4am doing coke off the bathroom floor at the club” look that several others higher on the list often display.

There are also a bunch of names I don’t even recognize on the list–a sign that clearly I somehow don’t spend enough time on the Internet.  Maybe someday I can have a full time job that involves surfing the web…

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