Maxim Hot 100..kind of

Seems like just weeks ago that FHM was coming out with their annual FHM Sexiest 100 list.  Oh, right, it was (at least, when we got to it).

Well, today Maxim sent out a release about their annual Hot 100 List.  Or Hot 83 list, depending on how well their fancy slide show loader works for you.

How did they do? 

Well, by the second sentence of the release, I was ready NOT to click on the link–any list that includes Tila Tequila can’t be very good.  Of course, I say that based only on what I’ve heard of her, not actually seeing her, since I can’t stomach MTV any more for some reason (oh, I don’t know…the lack of music on Music Television?).

Interesting too was that the release said “From reality star Tila Tequila to the sultry Scarlett Johansson, the list contains the most stunning females on the planet.”  Why’s that interesting?  Well, Johansson isn’t #1–Marissa Miller is.  And, I vaguely remember when I saw her at #53 on the FHM list thinking that was waaaaaaaaaay too low on the list, so I’ll give Maxim some credit for that decision.

Still, with a few girls on the list that shouldn’t be on this kind of list for a couple more years, Britney Spears making the list at #19, Lindsay Lohan at #9, and Eva Longoria Parker at #4 (I mean, she’s not bad…but #4?), and Megan Fox all the way down at #16, I think the winner of this year’s list is…

Well, no one.  I guess it’s up to Manlyweb to come up with a Top 100 list.  Start submitting your votes in the comments below–we might take them into consideration.

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