July 4th Taste Testing

1800 Select Silver TequilaSo, over this weekend, we’ve finally had a chance to break out a couple things that we’ve been saving for a rainy day.

First, we finally cracked into the bottle of 1800 Select Silver Tequila we got a while back.  Haven’t been big into tequila since a particularly fun night (but not so fun next morning) in college, but if you follow the site, you know we’re not one to turn down an offer of free booze for a trial.  And, not too long ago, I happened to have my first shot of tequila since that fateful night–and funny thing, when it’s not cheap tequila, it can be quite good.  So we’ve actually been looking forward to cracking the Select Silver.

Since we’ve developed bit of a taste for straight booze over the last couple years, we figured we’d start with some shots straight out of the freezer, rather than just go the plain old margarita route–and while the first shot was awfully damn smooth, we quickly changed our minds, as we realized that doing 2 or 3 more of those would lead us down the same path as in college–but likely with a 3-4 day recovery time, now that we’re not in our 20′s any more.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a completely unexpected switch, so we had some mix on hand, and quickly threw together a nice strong batch of margeritas, and everyone pretty much agreed–best margeritas we’ve ever made.

Second, since the 4th of July just ain’t right without some grilling, we were finally able to properly try out something we wrote about this past winter, but were too cheap to pay for shipping on: Bacon Salt.

We’ve been keeping track of the Bacon Salt Blog since we found out about Bacon Salt, and finally our local grocery store started selling it, so we grabbed the two flavors they had on hand–peppered and hickory (still hoping to see some original one of these times back to the store).  And while we’d played around with it before the weekend of the 4th, this was the first chance we had to properly try it out on the grill.

And I gotta say, we were impressed–I’ve had to cut back on bacon while I try to get back to the “rock hard abs” from my profile pic <cough>–so it was nice to add a little bacon flavor to the chicken on the grill.  And the hamburgers.  And brats.  And potatoes. And…well, pretty much everything you can imagine (not all one meal, mind you–the grill pretty much runs 24/7 around here when the weather is nice and we’re home for a long weekend).  In fact, the only thing I couldn’t bring myself to use the bacon salt for was the margeritas–although it was tempting.

Next up: the annual fishing trip to Canada.  This year with some new vodka to try out


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