Holy S**t–He Beat My GPA

We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that all t-shirts like this one are comparing a scale that usually goes to 4.0 and a scale on which 0.5 technically means you’re dead–at least in the state of Rhode Island, where a man was arrested early Tuesday with a measured blood alcohol reading of .491.  That’s over six times the legal limit in every state in the Union.

Even more impressive, he wasn’t even unconscious.  After crashing into a highway sign, he had trouble getting out of the car, and then grabbed it and refused to move.  Despite being significantly closer to the level classified as “fatal” than the level classified as “comatose.”

Obviously we don’t condone drinking to the level of a 0.491 BAC–hell, we don’t even encourage drinking to a 0.2 (any more).  And we never condone driving after you’ve been drinking.  But it still is pretty damn amazing.

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