Vodka, Rum & Softball

Participated in a softball tournament this past weekend, which meant it was the perfect chance to break out some of the special booze we’ve recently received.

About a month ago, we had said we were going to be taking some vodka along on the annual Canadian fishing trip–well, having seen border crossings go wrong in previous years, and knowing we would spend all day-every day in a boat, we decided not to try bringing it across the border, and save it for another occasion.

And, given the 9am start time for the tournament, we figured there was no better time to break out the tomato flavored and triple shot espresso vodka.  For an afternoon snack, we brought the root beer flavored vodka, and the most recent addition to our growing liquor cabinet, the Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum.

The tomato vodka made for some interesting bloody mary mixes to start the day, although at least one of us on the team was willing to try it straight up–all I can say is, it’s a good thing I like tomatoes.  Overall, the feeling was that it was good vodka–but it needed a fair amount of hot sauce added for the tastes of our crowd.

The triple espresso vodka didn’t get a lot of play, since there were only a couple of coffee drinkers on the team, and we didn’t bring anything to mix with it, since we didn’t fiugre creamy drinks + running around = good times.  Our second basemen did think Starbucks should look into adding it to their menu, though.

After we were loosened up, had a game under our belt (we’ve conveniently forgotten the score), and did some grilling, it was time for some desert, in the form of the root beer vodka.  One round of shots led to two conclusions–one, root beer vodka is dangerous, because it tastes like…well, root beer.  Two, we needed ice cream (fortunately, one of the wives was on her way to the field, and she saved the day).  Just make sure you mix real root beer with the float, or you’ll be down for the count.

After our second and third games (in which either we suprisingly played better–or the other teams had had more to drink than us), it was time to get down to serious business–the Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum

Although personally I haven’t had much rum as of late, there were a couple of regular Captain Coke drinkers on the team–although we made sure everyone at least tried it without watering it down first.  Overall, the general consensus was that it was a hell of a lot more smooth going down than most of the rum that we’re used to drinking–and those that did make some mixed drinks with it agreed that it was a better mixer as well. 

Overall, it was a good day for drinking–although looking back, softball is probably not a great mix with hard alcohol.  Not that we didn’t have fun–but let’s just say the coordination of a few went downhill as the afternoon wore on.  On the positive side, there was little soreness after the games–at least until the next morning.

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