Moviegoer Shoots Man on Cell Phone

In a case of “I don’t condone it, but I understand it” (or as a local radio station said, it fits Chris Rock’s take on OJ Simpson of “Not saying [he should have done it]…but I understand”), a movie patron in Philadelphia got fed up with a man talking loudly on his cell phone during the movie, so he pulled his gun and shot him in the arm.

Amazingly, 29-year old James Joseph Cialella Jr. then proceeded to sit back down (as the rest of the theater emptied out), and continued watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button until police arrived and arrested him.

Certainly not the approach that I would have taken, but given that he only shot him in the arm, if it convinces people in theaters to think “Hmmm, if I’m talking too loudly or on my cell, one of these guys might be crazy enough to shoot me” and shuts them up, it may not be an all bad thing…

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