2009 World Series of Beer Pong

Well, maybe next year–Manlyweb once again forgot to book their tickets for the annual World Series of Beer Pong.  Even after writing about the 2008 World Series of Beer Pong.  Looks like we need to set a reminder in our calendars.

The 2009 World Series of Beer Pong was won by Ron Hamilton and Michael Popielarski, both 25, of New York.  They will split the $50,000 top prize.

And with quotes like this, you know we’ll never stop following it:

“I know the media will say this is a chugging contest,” he said. “This is about a sport, it’s about a competition. They aren’t here to drink. Yeah, they’re drinking, but that’s not why they’re here.”

Of course, Hamilton admitting that he prepared for the finals by drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels probably won’t help the WSoBP’s argument–but every athlete needs proper nutrition, don’t they?

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