Fringe Sport for 2012 Olympics?

While perusing the sports blogosphere they other day, we came across an article on Hugging Harold Reynolds about a Facebook Group that they were in support of.  Being (sadly) a fairly regular Facebooker, I thought I’d check it out.

Turns out, some people in California want to petition the Olympics to add Pole Dancing as an Olympic Sport at the 2012 Games.

Can you imagine the judging controversies when the American Pairs Pole Dancing Team gives the German judge a happy ending?  Or when the Japanese judge awards all non-Japanese contestants low scores for not having enough fetish elements?

Come to think of it, this could be a sport that might finally give NBC some decent ratings for the Olympics–assuming that by then that they aren’t able to ram the whole Michael Phelps bong story down our throats again.  Or maybe that will make it as a sport too, and Phelps can go for 9 gold medals…

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