Hugh Hefner Files for Divorce

More than 10 years after separating from wife Kimberly Conrad Hefner, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce.

Hefner is asking a judge to order him to pay $20,000 per month in spousal support–half what he is currently paying–for two years, or until a divorce trial can be completed.

Hef and Kimberly Conrad were married in 1989, the same year she was named Playmate of the Year.  They separated in 1998, and Kimberly moved into a house that Hefner owned directly next door to the famed Playboy Mansion, where Hefner has lived with numerous girlfriends in recent years, as chronicled in E!’s reality TV series “The Girls Next Door.”

Records show that Conrad Hefner, who had two sons with Hef, filed for divorce around the time of separation, but that petition was later withdrawn.  She sued him last month, claiming he owed her more than $4 million under the terms of their prenuptial agreement, and from proceeds from the sale of the house next to the mansion earlier this year.

Hef told TMZ that he had been happy to get the divorce at the time of the separation, but that he had remained married at the request of Conrad Hefner, for the sake of their sons.

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