Candles For Men?

My brother asked me a question this morning that jogged a memory–he asked if anyone had invented a bacon scented candle, because that would be…pretty much awesome.

It reminded me of an idea I had several years ago, when I was still single, living in an apartment with a couple other guys.  One day at the local retail behemoth, I found myself in the candle isle, because it was right by something else I needed, and I had come to the conclusion that if we ever had any girls over to the apartment, they weren’t probably going to be impressed by the funk of my roommates.

Figuring that a candle could potentially serve the dual purpose of impressing a girl AND covering up that funk, I set about to find an aroma that would be suitable.  After a couple minutes of looking (because who can take more than that), I had a EUREKA moment–although it was not named as such, I found a candle that smelled exactly like stripper perfume.

After telling a friend of my find, we quickly hashed out a few other scents that could make up a potential line of candles for guys–beer, bacon, and new car scent being a few that I remember.  The idea was then promptly forgotten.

Beer & Stripper Candles

Beer & Stripper Candles

Until yesterday, when my brother mentioned the idea of a bacon scented candle.  So I jumped over to Google, did a quick search, and sure enough, found HotWicks Candles, which featured not only a bacon candle (just introduced), but beer, whiskey, football, sawdust, and of course, the stripper scented candles.

Unfortunately, they also have some rather lame scents available–hippie and ‘The Man’ candle in particular seem like strange scents to present to a theoretically manly audience.

So check them out if you have some time, and let us know what you think of their scents–and if you go ahead and order, let us know if the candles smell as good as advertise.

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