The Hangover DVD Review

The Hangover DVDHad the opportunity to check out the DVD of The Hangover (Unrated Two-Disc Special Edition) over the weekend, and have to admit, I’m impressed.  The DVD includes both the theatrical release and an unrated version of the film, along with some standard DVD fare–commentary, gag reel, and some extra photos from the missing camera (if you’d like to try to win a free copy of The Hangover on Blu-Ray, check our previous post).

If you’re a fan of Ken Jeong’s performance, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the extra’s, as there are numerous improv outtakes from several of his scenes, and several other quasi-interviews with him that are out there.

The highlight of the DVD, of course, is the movie itself, which is the best comedy I’ve seen in 2009, and possibly the last few years.  I think a lot went into making it that, from not over-hyping the movie coming out, leaving some of the best parts out of the trailer (while still making it funny), and using actors who aren’t quite yet household names (or weren’t). This, combined with some early positive reviews via social media, and Warner Brothers ended up with a hit on their hands, which actually exceeded my expectations, rather than failed to live up to them (like so many Will Ferrell movies of late).

Now let’s just hope they don’t take the typical Hollywood route, and decide they have to make a sequel…

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