Concept Motorcycles for the Future…

More random web surfing recently led us to a post of “Concept Motorcycles for 2010.”

Some of the bikes on there really look bad ass, like the Mad Max Aitu Motorbike–although I’m not so sure about that seat.

Some of the bikes also look like they may be a little bit beyond 2010, to me–like the carbon fiber bike, and the Harley Davidson 2020 (the 2020 in the name is the first clue that it’s not going to be a 2010 bike).

Surprisingly, at least one bike that is a “2010 Concept” has actually been around for years–we last wrote about the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle last year (almost a year to the day, in fact), and remember hearing about it early in the decade.

Not so sure about the Red Bull Motorcycle either–looks less concept-like, more corporate sponsorship-like to me…

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