Playboy: One Good Idea, One Bad

Playboy made the news a couple times in the past couple of weeks.

First, in a move that seems to follow a long run of questionable moves related to the Internet, they announced that they are going to start a “Safe For Work” web site, called The Smoking Jacket, to compete with Maxim, Stuff and Esquire.

Just what the web needs, another web site devoted to content guys will find interesting (other than porn).

Of course, their articles have always had a reputation for being solid reading–but I’m not sure most workplaces will get past the stigma.

At the same time, they’ve also announced that they’re following Hollywood’s latest trend, and will go with a 3D centerfold in the June issue (hit stands yesterday?). No word on how the image(s) will translate to being scanned and put on the web–but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson also made the news this week for threatening to sue someone for trying to sell commercially copies of a gang bang movie she made years back–apparently the same movie she tried herself to sell a couple years back.  I’d link to an article, but I don’t have the energy or desire to find anything related to that story again.

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