Mummy Found in 1959 Playmate’s House

Officials in Los Angeles County are trying to identify a mummified body found in the house of cult film actress and Playboy’s Miss July 1959 Yvette Vickers.  The body is suspected to be of Vickers herself.

A neighbor discovered the body last week, after entering her house upon noticing cobwebs and yellowing letters in the house’s mailbox.  The body was discovered in an upstairs room, with a space heater still running.  It was thought the body may have been undiscovered anywhere from months to a year–meaning presumably the LA area electrical companies are right on top of cutting off electricity to homes (unless, of course, she had autopay set up–in which case, we might see a bunch more cases like this in the future?)

It’s expected to take up to a week to establish the identity of the body.

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