Playboy: One Good Idea, One Bad

Playboy made the news a couple times in the past couple of weeks. First, in a move that seems to follow a long run of questionable moves related to the Internet, they announced that they are going to start a “Safe For Work” web site, called The Smoking Jacket, to compete with Maxim, Stuff and [...]

Girls Gone Wild Reality Show

I generally hate reality shows. I’m generally not a Mark Cuban fan. Put the two together, and you get…a travesty. At least at first. But Cuban, or at least his HDNet network, is taking another stab–and this time they may hit a home run. The series is titled “Girls Gone Wild Presents: Search for the [...]

Strippers to the Rescue–Again

As another state looks at cutting their budget in these tight times–New York Governor David Peterson has proposed $11 million in program cutbacks for after school programs–at least one local strip clubs have stepped up to try and help out. Illusion Gentleman’s Club on Long Island is starting to charge a voluntary surcharge on admission, [...]

Talking Sex Robot Unveiled

Douglas Hines is a happily married inventor from New Jersey, who spent three years trying to find a market for his artificial intelligence technology.  Failing to find a match, he turned to a different avenue. Last month at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, he unveiled the result–Roxxxy, the world’s most sophisticated sex robot. [...]

The Hangover DVD Review

Had the opportunity to check out the DVD of The Hangover (Unrated Two-Disc Special Edition) over the weekend, and have to admit, I’m impressed.  The DVD includes both the theatrical release and an unrated version of the film, along with some standard DVD fare–commentary, gag reel, and some extra photos from the missing camera (if [...]

National Hangover Day – Win A Free Blu-Ray of The Hangover!

New Year’s Eve is coming up in a little more than a week, and you know what that means… In honor, Warner Brothers is declaring New Year’s Day as National Hangover Day, and are encouraging you to watch The Hangover with your friends on New Year’s Day. To make that easier, Warner Brothers has provided [...]