Ultimate Waste of Money?

Unlike many people, the whole Guitar Hero thing hasn’t struck a chord with us here at Manlyweb–we can’t play a real guitar, but if my choices were to try to learn Guitar Hero, or learn the real guitar, the real guitar wins every time–at least chicks might dig that. Even our most frequent hangout, known [...]

Beer Facts

I was cruising the net this morning, actually looking at some work related blogs that I regularly check out, when I came across an article called ‘15 Beer Factoids That Will Make You Look Smart.’ Being a bit of a beer connoisseur (love that MGD), I thought I’d check it out.  To be honest, I [...]


OK, we get a lot of emails about upcoming movies, CDs, etc.  Every once in a while, one peaks our interest. The other day, we got one that did just that: Leatherheads. Scrolling through the email, we see a picture that makes it look promising: And we think, “Well, it’s got George Clooney, but that [...]

Back from Vegas!

Well, we actually got back from Vegas Tuesday night.  We were going to blog while we were there, but we didn’t get around to getting the computer out.  And we were going to blog when we got back, but…well…we didn’t right away.  Tough. The trip went well–won some money in the sports book, won even [...]

New Frontier Imploded

The New Frontier was imploded in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning, mere days before Manlyweb makes its triumphant return to Vegas, marking the end of another icon of Vegas.  While not as well known as many of its neighbors (and frankly not as high of a profile implosion as the Stardust’s demise last March), the [...]

Playboys for Playoff Tickets

So it’s not the most timely article, but some yahoo in Colorado wanted to trade 25 years worth of Playboys for tickets to see his Rockies get their asses kicked in the World Series.  In and of itself not that big of a deal.  Here’s the problems I have with it: The wife wanted them [...]